Tandy and Carol celebrate the return of
Tandy and Carol celebrate the return of Facebook/Last Man on Earth

"The Last Man on Earth", the brain-child of "SNL" alum Will Forte, is one of the more brilliant TV shows of this era, and has received a fan following not many comedy shows enjoy. To the annoyance of fans, the show has been on a hiatus since Season 2 Episode 10 "Silent Night" was aired on Sunday, 13 December.

"Silent Night" was one of the grimmer episodes in the post-apocalyptic comedy, with Phil (Boris Kodjoe) going under the knife wielded by the non-doctor Gail (Mary Steenburgen). He needed an urgent appendectomy, and the team worked together to save him. And it did look like he might live in the beginning, but towards the end of the episode, he flat-lined.

Although "LMOE" had killed off Gordon (Will Ferrell) in Season 2 Episode 2, his death was spun as a comedy and fans laughed because they did not know him for more than a couple of seconds. However, if Phil actually dies in the show, it would be hard for it to maintain the comic element, especially because Erica (Cleopara Coleman) is carrying his child.

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Of course, the brilliant writers may find a way to keep the show as funny as it is. We do know some interesting things are heading the "LMOE" way, considering Will Forte, who plays Tandy, and Mel Rodriguez, who plays Todd, are both sporting only half their mustache, bear and hair currently. The duo even took their trendy new look to the award shows.

A strong guess about the reason behind this crazy look would be they are mourning the death of their dear friend Phil.

Meanwhile, Phil's brother Mike (Jason Sudeikis) was last seen plummeting towards Earth from space. It is highly likely he would finally reach Earth in one of the upcoming episodes and meet Tandy. It would be interesting to see the "SNL" buddies acting together again.

It is understood new episodes of "The Last Man on Earth" will be aired on Sunday starting with 6 March. Do not forget to check back here for more updates and spoilers on Season 2 Episode 11 of "LMOE".