The new BCCI president-elect Sourav Ganguly is pretty clear as far as his priorities in Indian cricket are concerned. Before filing his nomination for the post he said that it was a great opportunity for him to do something good as he will take up the mantle at a time when the image of the BCCI has taken a beating at the global stage. Ganguly edged past Brijesh Patel in a see-saw battle and is expected to be the only presidential nominee.

"Obviously, it's a great feeling as I have played for the country and captained the country. "And I am taking over at a time when BCCI has not been in greatest of position for the last three years. Its image has got hampered quite a lot. It's a great opportunity for me to do something good," said the former India captain to PTI. This sting will continue till July 2020 after which he will enter the mandatory cooling-off period.

Outlines immediate priority with Indian cricket

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Speaking about his first priority, the former Indian captain said that he would look at the health of Ranji Trophy and at the financial conditions of the domestic players in Indian cricket.

"We will speak to everyone first as we take a decision but my biggest priority will be to look after first class cricketers. I had requested that to the CoA for three years and they didn't listen. That's the first thing I will do, look after the financial health of our first-class cricketers," Ganguly said.

Being the president of the BCCI is a huge responsibility and the former Indian captain is under no illusion that the upcoming challenge was going to be a tough one.

Sourav Ganguly
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"Whether unopposed or not, there has to be responsibility as it is the biggest organisation in world cricket. Financially, India is a cricketing powerhouse, so it will be a challenge," he said.

Speaking about Jagmohan Dalmiya, the man who changed the face of Indian cricket, Ganguly became quite emotional and said that he had never thought that he would occupy the same post as the late BCCI president.

"I have never imagined so (that I will be in shoes of late Jagmohan Dalmiya). He has been like a father to me. There has been some great presidents of BCCI, Mr Srinivasan, Anurag, who have done great job," he said.