For Netflix maniacs, Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky are the new trendsetters for relationship goals. The young couple values old school romance, even in the digital era. One would find their bond stronger than usual, since neither Peter nor Lara are setting standards and expectations for each other, to keep up with the social media trends, rather keep each other company as they are in love.

The Kissing Booth To All The Boys Ive Loved Before

Noah Flynn and Ella Evans are teenagers throughout. Noah is tall, muscular, and handsome. Ella is quite shorter than him, romantic and sometimes a little too candid and careless and hardly takes notice of her surroundings, but deeply cares for her best friends and everyone around her. 

Both these Netflix girls became the talk of the town in 2018 when The Kissing Booth and To All The Boys I've Loved Before had reached the zenith of popularity.  We have prepared a short analysis of Lara Jean Covey and Elle Evans as girlfriends. 

Lara Jean Covey 

Lara Jean Covey

Lara Jean Covey is an extremely honest, messy teenager. Her relationship with Peter Kavinsky started as a lie to make Gen, the former girlfriend of Peter jealous. Peter knew this as well as Lara. However, even in their fake relationship, the two had shared an honest friendship. 

Prior to Peter, Lara had a rush of feelings for Josh, her best friend, and also her sister's boyfriend. Lara knew well, that she had to swallow her feelings and maintain her distance from Josh. She penned them all a love letter to let those rushes of feelings out from her system. It might be difficult to bottle up all your old feelings but Lara knew how to do the right thing without attracting too much drama. 

Unlike other teenagers, Lara Jean Covey never begs for attention. Neither does she get intimidated by the self-claimed popular girl in her school. What Lara never knew, that she was never the invisible teenager which she thought of herself to be. She had a rare quality about her which made others look up to her with admiration. 

To All The Boys 3

Meanwhile, her choice to date Peter Kavinsky, the jock guy only came as a surprise to the rest of the crowd in her school. Lara was an intelligent, A-grade student with a great sense of fashion and her choice in life was to be invisible forever. Peter was the slightly less intelligent American high school boy, who cared more about football, his friends and a general idea which most of us have about soccer boys who play in schools. Peter hides his vulnerability with his over excessive confidence that comes from being in the soccer team. 

Lara knew well that Peter had a different interest in life, but chose to be a part of it without imposing on him. When Lara learned more about Peter she knew well that he was more than just the brainless, popular boy from high school. He too had integrity and a sense of right and wrong. 

Ella Evans

The Kissing Booth

Ella Evans is an American teenager through and through. She is thoroughly demanding about her choices in life but that doesn't necessarily arrive with nasty behaviour. Elle Evans is a representation of the American teenagers who can be choosy, sexually liberated, romantic while being a loyal friend with a boy whom she had known since her childhood days 

More than Ella and Noah, its Ella and Lee who set goals for young girls. You needn't always have to have feelings for a boy who knows you through and through. Hindi films have always inserted and re-inserted the idea 'ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi dost nehi ho sakti,' a girl and a boy can never be friends. The Kissing Booth is one of the films which prove them all wrong. You can absolutely be friends with someone from the opposite sex, be sexually liberated yet not fall in love with your best friend. 

Ella always had strong feelings for Noah but chose never to explore them to adhere to the friendship codes which she had signed with her best friend, Lee. In the two films of The Kissing Booth we witnessed more of Ella as a friend than as a girlfriend. Let's see what the third part of the film has in hold for us.