For the 'Netflix and chill crowd,' Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky have become the new, young, power couple. Their love story began when Kitty with the right intention in her heart posted all of Lara's embarrassing love confessed letters to the boys she had loved before. Kitty was the matchmaker who knew her job right from the day Peter Kavinsky had knocked on the car door of Lara Jean Covey. Throughout the entire time, Kitty played the puppeteer and they didn't even know it. 

To All The Boys

While Lara and Peter are undoubtedly adorable, it's Peter and Kitty's screen space that deserved more screentime. Let's take a look. Out of all the members in the Covey family, it's Kitty who had accepted him the most. 

Reasons explained

She seemed more excited to see Peter in the room than Lara. Even if Lara and Peter would have decided to go separate ways, perhaps this warm-hearted brother-sister relationship would have continued. 

In most Hollywood love stories, writers have been so engaged in the development of the lead character's love-story, at times we often tend to miss out on the other kinds of girl-boy-boy-girl friendship which can be completely platonic, and simultaneously warm-hearted. Let us start with the warm hug Peter shared with Kitty at his surprise arrival. She seemed more excited to have Peter in the room than Lara Jean. 

Peter Kitty

Despite having two super-smart sisters, (who had successful love lives) Kitty puts her trust in Peter when it comes to taking advice on what to text a guy. 

Peter Kitty

And it's not just a one-way relationship where Kitty tries to warm up to the sister's boyfriend to make him feel more at home. Peter too takes a genuine interest to know about Kitty's love life and treats her like a grown-up woman. 

Peter K

Along with Lara, Kitty too has developed a warm bond with Peter where she can enter his personal zone, when he is not in his outdoor look, or when he wears a face mask. Much like a sibling, Peter feels no qualms in being himself in front of Kitty. 

Peter Kitty

Kitty cares for Peter as much as she does for Lara. Over the years, she has developed a bond with Peter enough to make sure he remains happy in his life. Even in the middle of her long-distance relationship, she played a major role again in fixing Peter's relationship with her sister. 


To All The Boys saga might be over, but Peter and Kitty deserve a movie of their own. Don't you think?