Two NYPD police officers shot dead by man avenging Eric Garner, Michael Brown.
Representational Image.Reuters

A teenager was shot by an LAPD officer after he was seen next to someone who appeared to be aiming a hand gun in an alley. The officer took a shot without realising that the firearm was a replica. 

LAPD spokesperson Cmdr. Andrew Smith said that two officers were driving in the 7200 block of 10th Avenue around 7.45 am on Tuesday, when they spotted a group of young men in the alley. One of them, a teenager, seemed to be holding a gun against someone else, and although he was ordered to drop the fire arm repeatedly, he did not comply, reports LA Times. 

One of the officers opened fire and hit a 15-year-old boy standing next to the one holding the gun, who was unarmed. The boy was taken to a local hospital and released after treatment. 

"It's certainly an unfortunate situation," Smith said. "But because of people bringing replica weapons out like that, it certainly could have been a terrible tragedy."

Everyone involved in the incident have been detained. The teen holding the gun may face charges of brandishing a replica weapon in the presence of a police officer, but investigators were still discussing that option with prosecutors, Smith said.

It has also been concluded that "No Animus" was involved in the incident.