Telugu movie Lanka
Telugu movie Lanka

Director Srimuni's Telugu movie Lanka starring Raasi, Sai Ronak and Ena Saha has received mixed verdict from critics and audience, who say the movie has interesting story, but complex narration mars its beauty.

Written by Srimuni, Lanka is thriller that revolves around the story of Malayalam superstar Swathi (Ena Saaha), who visits Hyderabad for personal work. Before returning, she decides to act in a short film. During the shooting, she is troubled by Rebecca (Raasi). The twist in the tale is that Swati goes missing and police arrest Rebecca. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

Srimuni has penned a unique script, and some comedy scenes and twists keep the engaged in the first half of the movie. But some unnecessary twists and subplots take away the interest of viewers in the second half. The director has failed to execute a good plot in a convincing way on screen, say critics and audience.

The director has done good work in terms of the characterisations in Lanka and managed to tap out good acting from everyone. Raasi, Sai Ronak and Ena Saha have delivered good performances, which are the highlights of the movie. Satya's comedy and Supreet's acting are other attractions of the film.

Telugu movie Lanka
Telugu movie Lanka

Lanka, bankrolled by Namana Dinesh and Namana Vishnu Kumar, has good production values. SriCharan Pakala's background score and cinematography are the attractions on the technical front. The movie could have been a better watch if the editor trimmed unnecessary twists in the film, say critics and viewers. Continue to read critics' and audience's verdict in Lanka movie review roundup:

Joel Jayakar‏ @Jo21012

#Lanka misses the target, yet impressive Can watch it for the concept #Raasi back with a bang Have a great career @SahaEna

Survi‏ @PavanSurvi

#Lanka - Mythological undertones in this movie make you feel it is one attempt that needed Telekinesis for better execution.

123 Telugu Rating: 2.25

Lanka is one film which could have been a lot better if it was executed in a simple way. Unnecessary twists, too much of melodrama and a complex narration makes this film go over the top of audience head. Except for some weight in Raasi's character, this film has nothing new to offer this weekend.

AP Herald Rating: 2

Despite not a great story line, the characterisations and the taut screenplay never lets you get bored. Rasi has once again got an author backed role and she has carried out the role of Rebecca with great ease. All the other roles though smaller were fine. On the whole, a good try from the director with just Rasi alone in the star cast who is well-established star other than the noted artists like Supreet, Satyam Rajesh, Satya, and Sudarshan. The movie can be watched only once and those who like suspense thrillers may like it.