Minnesota, Lake Superior,  Levi Drevlow, US,
An rare snap shot by Levi Drevlow in Minnesota, when the warm temperature of Lake Superior reacted with the frozen air coming in which led to the formation of this giant icy fog.Instagram/ Levi Drevlow

Lake Superior, the largest of North America's Great Lakes, portrayed a rare atmospheric phenomenon in Minnesota, the United States, last week. An enormous wall of icy fog was filmed billowing over the lake due to a quick drop in temperature to -18 degrees Celsius.

According to RT, the difference between cold air and warm water sent the dense vapour hundreds of feet upwards above Lake Superior.

Levi Drevlow, a local photographer, captured the rare natural occurrence near Minnesota's Duluth Harbour. The town of Embarrass showed even more fatal temperature as a drop of around -38 degrees Celsius was observed. The footage shot by Drevlow shows a cargo ship vanishing from the sight as it entered the fog.

North America is preparing for combating a freezing storm this festive season; the temperature at Minnesota region used to be around -5 degrees Celsius which has dipped to around -10 degrees Celsius, which is lesser the usual.

The unique view of the icy fog was admired and enjoyed by the people of Minnesota and other social media users.

"This is awesome!! This is why I want to live by the Lake! Not 2 hours away!" stated one of the social media users, Express reported.

"Amazing weather phenomenon. Great timelapse video," another social media user said.

The fog is said to be harmless in nature, though it covers sailors on the ships with hoarfrost.

The occurrences of such natural instances point towards climate change denial, which is also known as global warming denial, which opposes the opinions of scientists on climate change.