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Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in A Star is BornLady Gaga (@ladygaga/Instagram)

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's name has been linked ever since they both starred in A Star Is Born. There are several who claimed that the movie and his on-screen chemistry with Gaga has cost Bradley his relationship with Irina Shayk. As per a shocking alleged claim, Lady Gaga is reportedly expecting her first child with Bradley Cooper. Fans are now wondering if this is the truth or this is yet another fabricated news about their personal lives.

The latest report:

As per an alleged report by InTouch Weekly via NewIdea, an alleged insider has reportedly stated that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are expecting their first child together. The alleged insider went on to contend that "Gaga is glowing and hiding a baby bump." The source continued that everyone close to them is happy and are waiting when she is going to announce the great news.

So, are they going to get married? Well, the alleged insider added that both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have parted ways with their respective partners but "tying the knot is not exactly at the top of the list of their priorities right now but a baby could solidify their relationship."

The fact:

Ever since Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga starred in A Star Is Born, many claimed that there is something going on between them. After their intimate performance at the 91st Oscars, several even concluded that the "Shallow" singers are reportedly dating each other. That time, Gaga was engaged with Christian Carino and Bradley was in a long-term relationship with Irina Shayk.

Things became worse when right after the Oscars, Lady Gaga and Christian Carino ended their engagement, and Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk also reportedly parted ways.

But are Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga dating each other and expecting a child together? Well, it should be noted that these two have maintained that there is nothing going on between them. The intimate performance at the Academy Awards night was a part of an act and these two are simply co-stars who later became friends. To put a label to this friendship is clearly wrong.

Furthermore, if you are following Lady Gaga on her Instagram, you would see that she has recently uploaded a picture from her Park Theater Las Vegas show. In the picture, she is seen singing/dancing alongside her team — there is no baby bump in the picture. So, it looks like the claims about Lady Gaga's pregnancy is nothing but fabricated news.