Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande have just launched their new single together. The song 'Rain On Me' that is a collaboration of the two leading singer is out on YouTube and Spotify. The song is a part of Lady Gaga's album, Chromatica that is scheduled to release on May 29.

Gaga took to her Twitter account to announce the release of the single saying, "If we're gonna cry together, but we're gonna dance while we do it. #RainOnMe #LittleMonsters @ArianaGrande let it pour. I'm crying on my porch that I use to not be able to leave, I was stuck. Now I dance on it and sing about how I got through it." Ariana too tweeted with a caption, "rain on me @ladygaga out now music video tomorrow at ten am pst / one pm est"

Speaking of collaborating with Ariana, Lady Gaga said that she was embarrassed to get in touch with the 26-year-old singer. Gaga said, "When she came into the studio, I was still crying and she was not. And she was like, 'You're going to be OK. Call me; here's my number."

She further added, "And she was so persistent. She would try over and over again to be friends with me. And I was too ashamed to hang out with her because I didn't want to project all of this negativity onto something that was healing and so beautiful. And eventually, she called me on my s***. She was, 'You're hiding.' And I was ... and then this friendship blossomed."

Speaking of the single, Gaga said, "It's a metaphor for tears and for the amount of alcohol I was taking to numb myself. I'd rather be dry but at least I'm alive, rain on me."

The song has received 1,425,309 views on YouTube so far and fans have loved it. Some of the most popular comments include, "If you don't like this are you even ok ? THIS A BOP," Another fan commented, "WHY IS THIS NOT TRENDING CHROMATICA LETSSSSS GOOOOOO !!!!!!"

With over 337k likes on YouTube, looks like the single is here to break records.