Director Syed Ahmad Afzal's Bollywood movie "Laal Rang," starring Randeep Hooda, Piaa Bajpai, Akshay Oberoi and Meenakshi Dixit, has received mixed reviews from the audience around the world.

"Laal Rang" is a social drama-cum-thriller, which is high on black humour and set in the milieu of Karnal's blood mafia. Syed Ahmad Afzal has also written the story and screenplay for the movie in collaboration with Pankaj Matta. The movie is produced by Nitika Thakur under the banner Krian Media.

Rajesh (Akshay Oberoi) is in love with a fellow student Poonam, who is a money-minded girl. He meets Shankar (Randeep Hooda), who runs an illegal blood bank, and joins his hands with the latter to earn some quick bucks to impress Poonam. The police gets a hint about the illegal business and an inspector (Rajniesh Duggall) sets out to bust the illegal activity. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

The audience says "Laal Rang" has a fresh and interesting story that throws light on the illegal trade of blood in North India. But some viewers feel that the director has failed to create an engaging screenplay, which is slow and dragging in parts.

Randeep Hooda has delivered a brilliant performance and his accent and looks are among the main attractions of "Laal Rang." Akshay Oberoi, Rajniesh Duggall, Piaa Bajpai and Meenakshi Dixit have done justice to their roles in the movie, which has good production values.

We bring you the verdict of some of the viewers on the film shared on Twitter. Here is the live update of the "Laal Rang" movie review by audience:

Sunaina Verma ‏@TheSunainaVerma

Just saw ‪#‎LaalRang and super impressed by ‪#‎RandeepHooda ! What a natural actor and omg hotness personified !! So glad he is still single Randeep keep up the great work! Can't wait to see you more ! Superb dialogues, great comedy and direction. Rajneesh Duggall good work with the officer role as well, you rocked the frame ! Glad to see great cinema on the ‪#‎blooddonation racket in India. Loved every bit of the screenplay ! Kudos to the team ❤ wonderful film. Must Watch!

RJ Stutee ‏@rjstutee

#LaalRang looks interesting ! #Randeephooda makes Haryanvi sound oh so sexy! Akshay Oberoi looks sincere in his part. @TheQuint If Blood,needles,injections,hospitals arnt up your alley #LaalRang might be tad difficult 2bear! Still things so far on track ! The sexiest Haryanvi title must go to #randeephooda ! He is unstoppable in #LaalRang . His accent, looks and acting perfect ! #laalrang was poised for greatness but it fades into a sorry mess!Post interval looks like d writers went on chutti!disappointing @TheQuint

Divya Shah ‏@DivvShah

Just watched #LaalRang - it's fantastic. Go see it for it's super story and incredible performances. Congrats, @Akshay0beroi! #Bollywood It's here! #LaalRang is in theatres - watch it for its gripping story line and tight performances! @Akshay0beroi #Bollywood #NewReleases

DiganganaSuryavanshi ‏@DiganganaS

#LaalRang screening! Very nice film with a really different story, entertaining and meaningful... Go watch it tomo everyone! @randeephooda rugged yet charming #Afsal #panchali ☺️ Big Congratulations to the team! Watched #LaalRang sincere story at its ease, roped in humour, enjoyed the film! @RandeepHooda @afzalistan @panchalic ☺️go watch it every1!

Asira ‏@Asira_Tarannum

What lovely performances by the entire star cast #LaalRang @Akshay0beroi @PiaBajpai @RajnieshDuggall @Meenaxidixit #mithuniya#baba #LaalRang highlights a serious issue and shows the story of love and bromance. Watch it guys. All the best @afzalistan @purtisohani

News18 Movies ‏@News18Movies

#LaalRang: What could've been a dark and edgy plot has been reduced to a mere prop. #LaalRang: The film is dragging unnecessarily now. Heart-break is the central theme of the film and not illegal blood trade. #LaalRang: It has all the components of a relationship drama but fails miserably as a thriller-crime film. #LaalRang: @RandeepHooda shines while @AkshayOberoi and @PiaBajpai show good potential.

Ashwini Chaudhary ‏@DhoopAshwini

#LaalRang is gritty and real. @RandeepHooda tops it with an arresting performance.

Vicky Kaushal Verified account ‏@vickykaushal09

#LaalRang Kudos to @iamkunalmshah for putting such an intriguing film 2gether. Gripping plot with powerful performances!

Parth ‏@ParthReading

#LaalRang first half is good...@RandeepHooda seems to be in his element.. @RandeepHooda proved yet another time, what acting really is. He shines bright in this twisted tale #LaalRang . 3/5

Suyash Sherekar ‏@suyasherekar

Just watching #LaalRang ...@akshay0beroi Greaaaaaat performance !!!! Great film !!!!! Enjoying it :)

Shivani Joon ‏@shievani

Finally!An authentic performance by one of the finest actors and not a mockery of Haryanvi culture.A must watch #LaalRang @RandeepHooda

Jayesh Adhyaru ‏@jayeshadhyaru

#LaalRang Beautifully writtn n flled wth organic dialect. If d story hs evn a drop of truth, den d movie wil scare u as hell.@RandeepHooda

Swudzy ‏@Swudzy

#LaalRang #IntervalReport The movie touches high but explores lows as well. Excitement drops towards interval. @RandeepHooda impresses.

SiDHNATH NAGAR ‏@sidhnathnagar

Fantastic Movie #LaalRang @RandeepHooda what an Outstanding Performance Mind Blowing