The world's biggest food fight festival, La Tomatina, kept the Buñol town in Spain busy for one hour on Wednesday, Aug. 31. Thousands of revellers painted the town red by throwing tomatoes at each other.

The tomato-throwing festival, which marked the 71st anniversary, started at around 11 a.m. on Wednesday with more than 20,000 people throwing ripe tomatoes at each other. Over 150 tonnes of ripe tomatoes were transported this year for the festival.

"It was a pretty intense was out of control," one participant told Reuters. "It's my first time...and it was good, I will come back."

Spaniards covered their shops and houses with plastic sheets to keep out the mess. After the food fight, organisers cleaned the town within minutes. This year, the security was high due to fear of terror attacks.

La Tomatina festival started in mid-1940s as a normal street fight, but over the years it has become the world's biggest food fight festival. La Tomatina, which is celebrated on the last Wednesday of August, attracts several tourists from across the world.

Below are a few photos, which show how revellers painted the town red and enjoyed the tomato-throwing festival.