Neymar, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez have been unimpressive of late in the La Liga. Pictured: Suarez, Neymar and Messi look stunned against Valencia.Reuters

Lionel Messi has been in the news since last month after announcing his retirement from international football.

Following that decision came an even punishing news on Wednesday from a court in Spain, which found him guilty of tax fraud. The superstar was fined $2.2 million, with 21 months of prison along with his dad, who is also his agent. Things could not have been any worse for the Barcelona forward, and La Liga president, Javier Tebas believes that the player may decide to leave Barcelona.

The president fears Messi may decide to play his club football outside Spain, which could be a huge loss to Spain. Lionel Messi is one of the best players to play in the La Liga. Tebas does not want the forward to leave the league, and believes that he is not guilty as well. 

"Of course I fear that [Messi] could leave, but the only thing I can tell him is that from La Liga we believe he isn't guilty and we are happy to have him here," quoted the president as saying.

Messi and his father was dealt this harsh blow of tax evasion, but the player's lawyers have stated that the verdict as incorrect. The duo are also expected to appeal the decision.

However, if Tebas' fears come true, it is the English Premier League clubs' which might make the most out of it. Who would not love to have a player like Messi in their team? Wealthy clubs like Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and non-EPL club like Paris Saint-Germain will keep a close eye on the situation. 

However, one has not heard anything from Messi quitting Barcelona due to this case. Argentina fans, on the other hand, also have not heard much from Messi after announcing his retirement despite calls from several quarters to reconsider his decision.

Interesting times lie ahead for Messi and his fans.