Just days after being accused by Forbes for faking her billionaire status, Kylie Jenner's make up the business, Kylie Cosmetics is in trouble yet again. The accusation this time is also graver and more alarming.

Kylie Cosmetics had recently participated in an initiative to determine the racial diversity of its employees. The results of the Pull Up initiative revealed that the company had only 13% black employees.

Kylie Cosmetics Instagram

The makeup company has 13 percent black people, while the number for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), stood at 47 percent. The company's white employees made a total of 53 percent with 100 percent of them being categorised as women-identifying.

The brand posted the details on their official Instagram account with a caption, "Kylie Cosmetics is here for Pull Up for Change, for our team, and for the black community. We are proud of the diversity within our company, with a team of Black, White, Asian, Native American, Hispanic and Middle Eastern women. As our team grows we commit to a continued focus on ethnic diversity in the workplace and the recruitment of black employees. The numbers you see above represent the people at our Kylie Cosmetics/Kylie Skin HQ. Our leadership team is made up of two people, @Kyliejenner and @KrisJenner. Thank you @pullupforchange and @heysharonc @uomabeauty for bringing an important issue to the forefront of the conversation in our industry."

Kylie Cosmetics Instagram

Many followers had negative comments on the post, calling out the inequality in the brand's workforce. A follower commented, "Hire more. 13% is not enough when African Americans set the trends & standards in the beauty industry." Another one wrote, "Still more than 50% is white. You can do better." A follower also pointed out that Kylie's daughter is half black herself, "This ain't enough! Kylie has a black daughter. Do better!"

Regardless of the results, it was a brave attempt by the company to present their workforce in such a manner.