While we have always seen the happier and entertaining side of Kapil Sharma, there was a time when the ace comedian lost his cool at a journalist and how! It was back in those days when Kapil was allegedly undergoing depression and had to cancel several shoot owing to his ill health. A websites' continuous stories on him cancelling the shoots and 'unprofessionalism' didn't go down well with Kapil who charged at the journalist in the worst way possible.

Vickey Lalwani, Kapil Sharma
Vickey Lalwani, Kapil SharmaTwitter

Vickey Lalwani, the editor of Spotboye, had revealed that Kapil had called him in a drunken state and charged at him and his family with some of the worst expletives and abuses. He revealed that Kapil accused him of taking money and writing negative things about him. 'Do you take money, Vickeyji? If you want money, come to me. Kutte ki tarah kyun likhte ho?', 'Vickey Lalwani, agar tu mujhe mil gaya na, tu itna ghatiya aadmi hai, teri maa ch*d dunga main.', 'Tu itna har**i hai. Teri news meri vajah se bikti hai', 'Teri beti mere saath sona chahti hai. Likh na uske baare mein, woh bhi new bikegi.' were some of the statements Vickey revealed Kapil had made while talking to him.

Kapil Sharma, Vickey Lalwani
Kapil Sharma, Vickey LalwaniTwitter

Kapil's abusive rant and tweet

Kapil had even tweeted, "Vicky Lalwani.. u r a mother ***** lier. who only spread negativity about me for a very little money. N I know who is giving u money..mehnat ki kha..t***** matt kha. *********...u know what... I can pay u more than ur worth..but I don't want to pay u." Hoewever, all the abusive posts were deleted from his account and apology was sought saying his account had been hacked.

Kapil even filed a complaint against Vickey and fe others of trying to extort money from him. The complaint said, "About six months ago, Kapil's close associate Mr Gurjot was approached by a person and told to part with Rs 25 lacs to contain the recently damaging content on Mr. Kapil by a specific media company 'SpotboyE'. This person also explained that they have a lot of personal information about my client which will eventually bring Kapil Sharma down. My client states that the posts by SpotboyE kept increasing and began to affect his mental and emotional health as false, malicious and personal remarks were about his career, fiancee, relationship, and friends by this gentleman styled as Vikyleaks," reported by DNA.

Kapil breaks his silence

As Kapil had never spoken about it in the media before, he finally decided to break his silence over the matter when he sat down for a tête-à-tête with Arbaaz Khan on his new show called Pinch. "First of all, I would like to say that whatever language that I had used at that time, was totally wrong. I know I agree. I was not in my senses. It was also that time when people had started saying that I was in depression and I had even started drinking excessively. And obviously, when you are not in your senses, you are bound to do wrong things," Kapil had said.

While things are all looking up and glowing for Mr Sharma, we hope he never loses his cool on anyone ever this way.