Kader Ortakaya,  a28-year peace activist was shot in the head by the Turkish soldiers while protesting at the border crossing near Kobani.
Kader Ortakaya, a 28-year peace activist was shot in the head by the Turkish soldiers while protesting at the border crossing near Kobani.Facebook

A general sense of outrage has struck the Kurdish people after Turkish soldiers gunned down a woman activist, who was part of a peaceful demonstration near the Syrian border.

The peaceful group of demonstraters, which reportedly wanted the Turkish government to allow the Kurdish nationals to enter Kobani (also Kobane) and fight the Islamic State militants invading their land, had formed a human chain at the border crossing that separates the country from Syria.

Local reports state that the 28-year-old woman, identified as Kader Ortakaya, was reportedly shot in the head by the Turkish border soldiers.

Since the ISIS invasion began in Kobani, a peaceful protest group has been constantly staging demonstrations at the border.

The group, comprising of artists and activists from Turkey has been at the border for the last 25 days. The situation reportedly got tense on Thursday after the group allegedly tried to forcefully cross into Syria breaking the Turkish border.

The local authorities said the group tried breaking the barriers and were first warned by firing tear gas, following which warning shots were fired, however, there were no orders to shoot people.

In the firing, Kader Ortakaya, a student at Marmara University, was shot. She reportedly succumbed to her injuries while being taken to the hospital. Four other protesters were also injured in the incident.

It is reported that Kader Ortakaya, Kurdish national, was from Siverek district of Urfa and is a known figure among the local circle.

Just a day before her shoting death, Ortakaya has appeared in a programme hosted by journalist Hayri Demir for Sterk TV in which she had said: "We are going to fight to the last drop of blood until there where the seeds of freedom are spread, and where they are attacking, is liberated." (Watch Kader Ortakaya's final video message here.)

Similarly in her last Facebook post made on 30 September, she had said: "Every revolution begins with a small spark. And there exists a fire of life at the barrel of every gun. Such great dreams begin with journeys in which the ways are hit by those daring it."

The shooting incident comes at a time when Turkey has repeatedly been blamed for assisting the Islamic State militants.

Recently, a news report had exposed Turkey's "soft stance" against Islamic State, in which the Turkish border soldiers were seen exchanging friendly conversations with ISIS fighters near the Kobani border.