Kunal Kamra is facing the ire of the right-wing sympathisers and the fans of Kangana Ranaut for mocking her on Twitter. The stand-up comedian had trolled her for getting Y-Plus security and calling herself a "revolutionary voice."

Kangana Ranaut and Kunal Kamra
Kangana Ranaut vs Kunal Kamra.Instagram

It was all started after Kangana Ranaut tweeted about the showbiz and spirituality. She wrote, "Show business is absolutely intoxicating, this make believe world of lights and camera is designed to make one live and believe in an alternate reality, a little bubble of their own, it takes a very strong spiritual core to recognise this delusion... [sic]"

He took digs at her post and tweeted, "Wisdom via showman Jagga Jasoos AKA @SadhguruJV. [sic]" Kangana was quick to respond to his comment with a tweet, "These fools are desperate to credit my struggles, intellect ,spiritual depth, guts, success and achievements to some powerful man, how it hurts their fragile egos and cotton balls to admit that I am my own person, leading my life on my own terms. DEAL WITH IT. [sic]"

Kunal Kamra then mocked her for getting Y-Security and wrote,

"I am wondering how a strong women like you can have Y - security where men are protecting you just for living life on your own terms...[sic]"

The Bollywood actress shot back stating the constitution should protect the revolutionary voice. She tweeted,

In a democracy it is the duty of the constitution to protect a revolutionary voice. Here in this case you see two aspects of the glorious democracy 'The protector' and ' The protected'. You will never make it to any of them. Be someone who means something to this nation. [sic]

The stand-up comedian took the opportunity to slam the actress for calling herself are revolutionary voice and mocked her with a "new definition of revolution."

Kangana Ranaut
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He tweeted, "New definition of revolutionary -

1) Call Karan Johar an idiot

2) Selectively attack the government of a single state

3) Consume Jagga ka Hagga for spiritual depth

4) Join the "casteless" upper-caste casteist tribe

Aur bhi dukh hai zamane main BJP ki mohabbat ke siva...[sic]"