Kumkum Bhagya: Preparation For Pragya-Suresh Wedding In Full Swing; Will They Marry?
Kumkum Bhagya: Preparation For Pragya-Suresh Wedding In Full Swing; Will They Marry?https://www.facebook.com/ZeeTv.KumkumBhagya

New developments in the Zee TV serial "Kumkum Bhagya", are turning viewers impatient for the next episodes. With the preparations for the wedding of Pragya and Suresh going full swing, the audiences are very keen to know whether they will really marry.

In the 172nd episode of "Kumkum Bhagya", the viewers saw Abhi aka Abhishek meeting Suresh to convince him to marry Pragya. Suresh wants to save Pragya from the insult and he does not want her to stay with a man as cruel as Abhi. So Suresh agrees to tie the knot with her. Meanwhile, Abhi meets Pragya's mother Sarala and informs her that her daughter has agreed to a second marriage.

On returning home, Abhi congratulates Pragya and informs her that Suresh has agreed for the marriage. She is shocked to hear it. When she cannot believe his words, he shows her a printed wedding invitation card and also informs her that he has invited her family too. He also threatens to publicise her MMS clip, if she does not accept his condition to marry Suresh.

In the 173rd episode of "Kumkum Bhagya", Pragya's mother Sarala is seen very furious with Suresh for agreeing to marry her. Bulbul calms her mother down, when the latter plans to meet Suresh to talk about it.

Later, Pragya visits Suresh's house and expresses her disappointment over him agreeing for the marriage. But Suresh says that he does not have any bad intentions. He adds that he has accepted Abhi's offer just to save her. He further says that he is ready to bear her hatred for the rest of his life, but he will never let her go to a cruel man like Abhi.

Abhi taunts Pragya, when she returns home. He puts the wedding 'dupatta' around her and admires her. At the end of this episode, the viewers will also get to know about the preparations for her marriage.

Will Pragya and Suresh's marriage take place? Will they tie the knot? What happens in the next episode? Stay locked to this space to know answers to all these questions.