Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya To Leave House: Demands Abhi for Divorce
Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya To Leave House: Demands Abhi for Divorcehttps://www.facebook.com/KumkumBhagyaFP

Zee TV's serial "Kumkum Bhagya" is set to see an interesting twist in the story with Pragya asking her husband Abhi for divorce before she leaves the house.

In the previous episodes, viewers saw that Tanu, Aliya and Mitali wanted to throw Pragya out of the house. Alia gets a master plan for it and prepares an MMS featuring Pragya and her ex-boyfriend Suresh, and the trio manages to show the video to the family members. 

After watching this video, Abhi accuses Pragya of having an extra marital affair with her ex-boyfriend and insults her in front of everyone. Meanwhile, Pragya's mother Sarala comes to know about this news. She rushes to her daughter's house and asks her to leave the house, but Pragya says that she is an innocent girl with high self-respect and vows to prove it before leaving the house.

Pragya manages find some proofs to prove her innocence. Mitali comes to her help, but traps her at the last minute. Meanwhile, Bulbul and Purab also promise to help her in exposing the person behind her MMS scandal, but they back her out later. However, Pragya manages to prove her innocence before Abhi and decides to walk out of his house.

Pragya thinks that she cannot mend her relationship with her Abhi and asks him for a divorce before leaving the house.  While everyone in her house is shocked over her decision, Alia, Tanu and Mitali feel happy as they are successful in throwing her out of the house.

Will Abhi divorce Pragya? Or Will he realise his mistake? Only time will tell