Kumkum Bhagya actress Shikha Singh
Kumkum Bhagya actress Shikha SinghShikha Singh/Twitter

Shikha Singh, who is popular as Aaliya of Kumkum Bhagya, has filed a complaint against an official from the Regional Transport Office (RTO), Maharashtra, for posting objectionable comments on her Instagram page.

It all started when Shikha recently shared a picture with her husband Karan Shah and the official commented, "Beautiful. Pl upload some hottest poses with bikini or microminis as new year gift (sic)."

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Not someone to let go of such sleazy comments, the actress dared to reveal the man's identity and expose him in public. She took screenshots of his Facebook account, profile picture, bio and the comment (which he posted on one of her photos on Instagram).

Speaking to Bombay Times, the actress said that she wanted strict action against the man and that the police had been supportive of her. "I am not going to take this lying down and will see to it that strict action is initiated against this man. The police have been supportive throughout and they even helped me to trace him to Thane, where he resides," Shikha said.

Kumkum Bhagya actress Shikha Singh chills in bikini; shares pictures on Instagram

Shikha feels that as a celebrity, it's her responsibility to speak up against such incidents. She has also urged men and women who have faced sexual harassment to come out in open against such crimes.

"We are used to getting hate mails for our screen image, but this amounts to perversion. Many women keep mum about such incidents, but as celebrities, it is our responsibility to not let them go unnoticed. I hope that my step encourages other women to speak up. Just because we are in the glamour industry, people feel that it's their birthright to objectify us. My fight is not just against this man, but the mindset which is plaguing our society. I appeal to all men and women, who have faced such experiences, to come out in the open, and name and shame the perpetrators," she added.