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Director Madhu C Narayanan's Malayalam movie Kumbalangi Nights starring Sreenath Bhasi, Shane Nigam, Soubin Shahir, Fahadh Faasil and Ramesh Thilak, has got good reviews from the audience.

Kumbalangi Nights is a comedy-drama film which has been written by Syam Pushkaran. Fahadh Faasil has jointly produced it with Dileesh Pothan and Syam Pushkaran. The movie has received a U certificate from the censor board and has a runtime of 2.15 hours.

Kumbalangi Nights story: The film revolves around four brothers who share a love-hate relationship. Franky's elder brothers Saji, Bobby and Bony lead a messed up life with their downright arrogance, differences and disagreements with each other. Each one deals with the struggle of his own. Their relationship progresses to another level when Saji, Bony, and Franky decide to help Bobby stand by his love. Franky's wish for a beautiful home cuddles hope.

Analysis: Kumbalangi Nights deals with a routine story, but the director has added some real-life incident, interesting twists and turns. Madhu C Narayanan has managed to make it engaging and entertainng from the beginning to end.

Performances: Shane Nigam, Sreenath Bhasi, Soubin Shahir, Fahadh Faasil, Ramesh Thilak and Anna Ben have delivered brilliant performances, which are the highlights of Kumbalangi Nights, say the viewers.

Kumbalangi Nights movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Continue to read audience's response:

Albin Kuriakose‏ @aktweeps

#KumbalangiNights awesome movie. Great performances from the lead artists and a perfect making. DOP, BGM excellent

Ajith‏ @Ajith81223630

Just watched #kumbalanginights good debut from #MadhucNarayanan excellent frames from #shaijukhalid the actors were just awesome especially #fahadhfaasil #soubinshahir #shanenigam and also the new faces. Please watch ♥️

Manu Thankachy‏ @manuthankachy

@twitfahadh never seen never before avatar on #KumbalangiNights is a delight and brutally realistic.. top notch performances from every leads even from the cameos elevates the film into a whole new level of experience.. Strongly Recommended ✌️✌️✌️❤️❤️❤️

ട്വീറ്റൻ‏ @iamthetweetan

3 of 1019 #KumbalangiNights Overall a rich movie with rich frames, musics. Stellar perfo of all the actors made the experience into another level especially @SoubinShahir @ShaneNigam. @twitfahadh again steels the show with his new avatar. Hit on cards

Muhammad Adhil‏ @urstrulyadhil

#KumbalangiNights : Very good 1st haf..Soubin #KumbalangiNights is another impressive addition to Syam Pushkaran-Dileesh team's filmography which is a well written, well presented, brilliantly performed feel good flick.Soubin is excellent while Fahadh executes a complex character effortlessly.Shine and Anna Ben Btw watching @twitfahadh 's character was like watching a horror film. You don't know what he is thinking or what he is going to do at the next moment.Terrific characterisation from Syam Pushkaran and the actor at the disposal you know how the outcome will be. #KumbalangiNights

Vijay George‏ @vijaygeorge4u

#KumbalangiNights is terrific Not many films have moved me like this gem during recent times. Don't miss this one

Malayalam BoxOffice‏ @malyalammovieBO

#KumbalangiNights very good 1st half Simple feel good movie so far, well supported by excellent performance Songs & Bgm Outstanding Soubin

Forum Keralam (FK)‏ @Forumkeralam1

#KumbalangiNights Interval The film follows the tried and tested feel good format that you are used to in the gangs earlier movies as well What works here again is the lead cast who are at their best and look natural Good so far Characters full of life, lovely visuals, soothing music, natural performances, The team ticks all the usual Necessary boxes to deliver an impressive show which is sure to earn critical and commercial acclaims. #KumbalangiNights The film is packed with superb performances from the lead cast Soubin was brilliant Shane Nigam Fahad had unique character and he was at brilliant best towards the tail end portions Anna Ben - Adorable #KumbalangiNights

Ajmal Kabeer‏ @ajmalkabeer_

Watched #KumbalangiNights Very well packed movie Our machanz @SoubinShahir, #SreenathBhasi & #ShaneNigam done their roles,the best The Man @twitfahadh just nailed it. That Magical Frames From #ShyjuKhalid made the movie

Film Trackers‏ @FilmTrackers

Watched #Kumbalanginights : out and out realistic movie feel good making,very good music,excellent performances from all lead cast (Personal favorite #ShaneNigam ) all the parts of the movie is pure if you are a realistic type movie lover then go and watch it ✌3.75/5