Director Sukumar's maiden production "Kumari 21F" starring Raj Tarun and Hebah Patel in the lead roles has received mixed reviews and decent ratings from the film critics.

Written by Sukumar, "Kumari 21F" deals with a routine romance drama. Siddu (Raj Tharun) is a happy go lucky boy, who falls in love with Kumari (Hebah Patel). But he is often confused over her bold and daring attitude and his suspicious nature causes a rift between the two and they break up. What happens next will form the crux of the story.

Raj Tarun and Hebah Patel have played complicated and tough roles respectively in "Kumari 21F" and they have delivered wonderful performances. The amazing chemistry between the two is the main highlight of the film. R Ratnavelu's picturisation and Devi Sri Prasad's music are the big attractions in the technical front. Some bold scenes and dialogues are the big drawbacks of the movie, say the critics.

The flick has been rated an average of 3 out of 5 stars. We bring you some critics' verdict on the film. Continue to read "Kumari 21F" movie review roundup:

The Hindu Review

It's not enough if a canvas boasts of the biggest names in the industry, the content should be simple and progressive. The only bright spot is the number Love cheyyala voddha. The artistes' acting is strong and authentic.

Idle Brain Ratings: 3.25

There is a song in the film titled 'love cheyala vadda' in which boy describes a good thing about girl and then narrates the consequence. Thereby questioning the character of the girl. Audiences like me end up having the question - 'like cheyala vadda?' after watching the movie. Thereby questioning the essence of the movie. There are brilliant scenes followed by some bold/unconvincing scenes. You love it and you hate it. Then you come out of theater with mixed feelings. Kumari 21F is a unique film which has it's own shortcomings. It's not a film for everybody and has got bold content. Watch it for different content and there is a benefit/risk of loving/hating it!

India Glitz Ratings: 2.5

One expects much from Sukumar's writing, but it is in the end, a Jagadam with Kumari. The climax has something special in store, but it doesn't enrich the narration. Some lines pass muster.

123 Telugu Ratings: 3.25

"Kumari 21F" is a bold attempt from Sukumar. This youthful entertainer stays true to its genre and is bound to do well with the younger lot. Also, it is high time that film makers attempt hard hitting films like these once in a while. Finally, if you manage to sit through the predictable nature of the script, Kumari 21 F will surely impress you its raunchy moments, lead pair's performance and a emotional climax.

Gulte Ratings: 3

This is not a regular film that banks on entertainment and silly jokes to pass off as a youthful movie. It focuses upon the mindset of young boys and their perception on free spirited girls. Sukumar has pushed the boundaries in establishing the characters. He didn't try to beat around the bush and has written some shocking scenes in the process.

Great Andhra Ratings: 3

"Kumari 21F" will connect with youth and the people who like to see bold content. This attempt is quite unusual.