Director Palnati Surya Pratap's "Kumari 21F" featuring actor Raj Tarun and actress Hebah Patel in the lead roles, has received mixed reviews from the audience.

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"Kumari 21F" is a coming-of-age love story, which has been written by director Sukumar -- who has also produced this movie. The film revolves around a young guy, who falls in love with a 21-year-old model, but cannot overcome his insecurities. The movie is about the emotional turmoil of this over-possessive boy in dealing with his hep girlfriend.

Sukumar has chosen a routine subject, but the way he has presented it on-screen is very fresh and unique. The first half of the movie is very good and entertaining, but the second half is bit slow and dragging in parts. Overall, it is good entertainer that will impress the young viewers, say the audience, who have already watched the movie.

Raj Tarun and Hebah Patel, who have played the insecure boyfriend and model respectively, have done justice to their roles. Their performance and their amazing chemistry are among the highlights of the flick. The film has decent production values and Devi Sri Prasad's music and Ratnavelu's camera work are big attractions in the technical front, add the audience.

We bring you the viewers' verdict shared on Twitter. Here is the live update of 'Kumari 21F' movie review by audience:

Actor Junior NTR ‏@tarak9999

A new age luv story..KUMARI 21F.throughly loved it!!!Pratap Devi and Randy excelled to the highest.heebah and raj were at their best. Last but not the least a very heart touching story from the master himself SUKKU Garu..hats off for the brave and bold writing sir.

Vishnuvardhan Kamana ‏@Ursvishnu 1h1 hour ago

#Kumari21F is a good movie. too bold attempt. Climax is super. Dont expect commercial elements. Movie may pay the buyers #Kumari21F @ThisIsDSP music is one of the bests in his career. #Kumari21F Raj tharun is a good artist. And the girl acted well. #Kumari21F as it is a low budget movie, it may pay well to the buyers. Audience have to raise their maturity standards to accept the movie #Kumari21F should be a super hit in order to get new concepts in tollywood. otherwise we will have routine commercial movies

Suresh Kondi ‏@V6_Suresh

Half way through #Kumari21F... Loved it so far.. Bold attempt... !! Thoroughly Enjoyed Watching #Kumari21F..Again Sukku proved that he is different.@ThisIsDSP Music,@RathnaveluDop Camera R Life to it.Go&watch

HARI KIRAN ‏@harikiranroyal

Halfway through #Kumari21F - High Adult Content nd Very Bold attempt.Till now good. DSP's BGM is a big plus.Comedy has come out very well. #Kumari21F -2 nd half is very emotional nd Heart Touching.Climax is too good. Suuperb performances by @itsRajTarun nd Heba." Hit" movie. #Kumari21F- Plus-Story,@itsRajTarun nd Heba's acting Comedy,@ThisIsDSP 's BGM,Dialogues Minus-Draggy 1st 1/2 My Rating-3.25/5 My Verdict-Hit


#Kumari21F hard hitting, realistic, path breaking, partially obscene superb do and bgm 1st half is good #Kumari21F movie is good, hats off to sukumar writing, heroine rape justified for the 1st time in this...hebba Patel, raj tarun perf good #Kumari21F not for immatured #Kumari21F boldest, realistic, path breaking movie in tfi 3.5/5 #Kumari21F luved climax the way @itsRajTarun tortures his friends,justification of an immatured guy takin matured decision to marry heroine

Naveen C Singh ‏@go4ncsingh

#Kumari21F a bold/matured luv story,@hebahpatel @itsRajTarun steal d show, slow in parts, ends well. Good BG score, 2 songs,avg prod values!

Ravi kiran ‏@kinnuPSPK

Songs, BGM, Cinematography Superr Rest depend upon the Maturity Levels of Audience #Kumari21F Sukumar did a Jagadam with Audience again

Ashok â'¹eddy ‏@CAashokreddy

Good movie #Kumari21F .. climax was bit emotional and touched one. Especially letter scene Sukumar Raj super hebba good. BGM DOP super. Director of #Kumari21F had done decent job. He shown actors in a better way more than what i expected.

Maharaj kishore ‏@kishore3maharaj

Kumari 21f is the realistic and boldest movie ever in telugu cinema history.. Fantastic cinematography.. Very fine performances by the lead roles... Best script by sukumar so far....

Hareesh Chow ‏@hareeshnalluri

Good movie #Kumari21F .. climax was bit emotional and touched one. Especially letter scene Sukumar Raj super hebba good. BGM super.

aHf ‏@adhyayam

Too Bold. Audio cuts kuda chalane unnay.But, subject ki avasarame avi #Kumari21F Sorry Sukumar sir, Ee second half ni enjoy cheyagala 'Maturity' mana audience ki inka raledu #Kumari21F Climax.. Sukumar #Kumari21F Avg 1st half and clarity less second half with an emotional climax. A One time watch #Kumari21F

$hashank ‏@shasha1495

Now it's showtime for #Kumari21F with sukumar mark innovative titles card this time with IPhone template #Kumari21F first half quite diff and good every frame has ratnavel mark Good boys goes to heaven n bad guys goes to Bangkok #Kumari21F f***** bold moviehats off to the dir n sukumar writings 2 ppl needs maturity to b in relatonship bt d foremost is trust #HIT

Ushakiran ‏@findmekiran

@SukumarWritings just now done wid d movie...outstanding movie and lead actors are terrific..especially the kumari21f herself #kumari21f

Sravan ‏@sravanrox

Ok first half.. Good second half.. Konchem slow.. But bavundi #Kumari21F Prathi sukku movie lo hero ki mental untadi.. indulo heroine ki transfer aindi.. #Kumari21F

It Happens !! ‏@tharungstars

Nannu love chesentha maturity neekinka ledu Sidduu I N T E R M I S S I O N #Kumari21F Sukumar sir meela path breaking ga alochinche range ki mana TFI audience nka raledu.. Climax is a brave attempt #Kumari21F Decent 1st half..Ok OK 2nd half..a one time watch Dialogues n cinematography top notch Adult it wid frnds

Srikanthchowdary ‏@ichowdary9

As usual @aryasukku style of Tittles... super... #Kumari21F Loved #Kumari21F connected to it..very fresh, not different bt different. Especially @ThisIsDSP bgm is super. Conect ayte matram nachestundi

JANI SHAIK786 ‏@ursjshaik786

#Kumari21F movie superb, bgm & dop at top notch @aryasukku writing is different as useval

Chanti tarak ‏@chanti5447

Just Watched #Kumari21F good movie different concept hero @itsRajTarun & heroine performance peaks lo undi and movie climax superb..

Vidyadhar ‏@Dhonii_Devotee

@itsRajTarun #Kumari21F is a feel Good movie. Really superb..Good response everywhere.Climax lo Jeevenchesav bayya..Congrats for the hattric

SBS â€@SbsBoss

Just completed watching #Kumari21F ..@aryasukku Sir take a bow for your writing and @itsRajTarun & @IamHebahPatel you guys rocked the show

Dill..Abhay..Ntr ‏@Dill9999

Kumari Hebba Patel mve sucesss credit anta evvochhu,1st of lo Dialagues tho pichhekinchindi, sukku Dialagues, 2nd of lo Climax scene Hebba Patel Rajtarun Sukku Mark screenplay play but konni scence Climax lo konchem clarity ledu, DSp #Kumari 21F pakka youth bomma

Ramya Somuri ‏@RachaRams

#Sukumar Never Fails 2 Impress #Kumari21F Strictly 4 APPLE Audience !! Definitely not 4 MANGO Audience

Nani Tarak ‏@pushpakchowdary

#Kumari21F -1st half is very gud N youthful Comedy perfect timing in recent times 1st half 3.5/5 Perfect interval maturity

Srikanth Reddy.A ‏@srikanth2828

Avg - Abv Avg reports #Kumari21F * Conditions apply * Strictly for youth * Family audience stay away

No co'NTR'oversy ‏@VarmaViews

Concept : Extraordinary Raj , Hebba acting superb Little Dragged Climax 15 min ayithe unimaginable Arachakam anthe #Kumari21F

FirstDayFirstShow ‏@fdfslive

Lead pair scene in hospital is good. Later love cheyala vadda song came out very well. #Kumari21F Intermission - If there is any best scene in the move then this is that scene. 2nd half started superbly ..Baby I am gonna miss u song was ok. Opinion on heroine character in 2ndhalf(Super) is quite opposite compare to 1st half .. Sukumar had written very good one. Raj Tharun acting #Kumari21F Superb 2nd half with ok 1st half. Raj ThaRun excelled as an actor. Patel was good. writing+DOP+BGM with great production values. #Kumari21F Kudos to #Kumari21F director, @itsRajTarun @aryasukku @ThisIsDSP Ratnavel, hebba +Team for brave & good movie.

KSB ‏@i_ksb

Sukumar never disappoints with his title credits. C/o creativity. Heba in that attire during interval episode was super cute and lovely. No wonder @itsRajTarun proposed her then. #Kumari21F Loved you in #Kumari21F especially during the interval episode @IamHebahPatel There's a fine line between adult movie and matured movie. @aryasukku dealt that with perfection. Kumari behaved weirdly at the start but only with Sidhu and only because she was in love. Note to those immature audience. #Kumari21F It's only a matter of time before #bold starts trending along with #Kumari21F iykwim

Naresh babu ‏@jasti999naresh

Done watching #Kumari21F.liked it @aryasukku bold attempt,wish tollywood #matures and makes this hit

Muneer Varma ‏@muneervarma

1st half done too much adult content and not so great till now #Kumari21F 2nd half is lil better with some sentiment and small twists. Overall one time watch #Kumari21F

I News sreenivas ‏@GSMEDIASREENU

Interesting titles narration... KUMARI 21 F First half is complete YOUTHFUL... KUMARI 21 F It's a complicated story But narration is fantastic Complete YOUTHFUL movie Gud message to present generation My rating 3.5/5

Dileep.E ‏@dileepelapaka

Watched #Kumari21F. A good writing but a bad execution by the director, cinematographer and music director done food job. Go if you can.

Chandra ‏@d_bob__

Okay done with first half of #Kumari21F ful fun packed and it's a very bold story!! Complete Adult movie!! Only for ADULTS!!

Movie Talkies ‏@MovieTakies

#Kumari21F Review : A best movie to watch with your FRiends beter aviod watching this movie with family as this movie a bit Bold. 3.5/5

Mahendar Koppu ‏@mahi2you

#Kumari21F Thank u @ThisIsDSP fr an amazing songs given to youth n @aryasukku ATB no doubt ur presence wil teach somethng to audience

Pooja Mahesh ‏@PoojaDaPrincess

Story andaru anukunede...but failed to impress. #kumari21F Raj tharun...very good performance. Hebah Patel..bad acting.. Sagam Hebah patel valla emotions ki connect kaledu ..hmm..@yerramvinay second half better kastha

Sin World ‏@ArjunKrishna826

#Kumari21F..first half done...songs thappa em ledu #Kumari21F 2nd half ....sukumar writings ..../...

Telugu Cinema Fan ‏@cinemababa

Macha pettadam wat a concept sukku sir #Kumari21F Halls sales perugutay Megalu lekunna song mundu mirror scene peaks #Kumari21F Good interval block. Ok first half #Kumari21F