After arresting members of a well-organised gang which provided government documents like the Aadhaar Card to illegal Bangladeshi immigrants, police in Karnataka have intensified operations to track down the immigrants.

The police said on Sunday that it has also formed special teams to nab the five accused who have disappeared.

Karnataka police

Madanayakanahalli police have arrested nine persons, including two Bangladeshi nationals, who created the fake government documents.

Investigations reveal that the accused got documents prepared for Rs 500.

State Home Minister Araga Jnanendra has appreciated the efforts of the police department. The Home Ministry has issued directions for the police department to conduct a survey of illegal immigrants in every police station jurisdictions of the state.

The police have also been directed to initiate appropriate legal action against them.

The police are questioning the kingpin of the scandal, Sydul Akoon a.k.a Shaheed Ahmad. Sydul owned a factory by the name of SA Plastic Company in the outskirts of Bengaluru. He would employed Bangladeshi immigrants who crossed borders illegally to collect trash in and around the state capital.

He would also transfer the money they earned to their families in Bangladesh. Investigations revealed that Sydul got Rs 4 crore exchanged to Bangladeshi currency and transferred it in the last one year.

He has 13 bank accounts and took help from people in Kolkata, Punjab and Chennai. The immigrants entered India through Tripura and got their Aadhaar Card, Voter's ID and other documents through the accused.

Syduln collected details of the illegal migrants and gave them to his associate, Abdul Aleem.

Abdul would create fake documents with the help of local people.

The police have recovered five fake seals of Bowring and Vani Vilas Hospitals in Bengaluru, letterheads of 26 Gazetted officers, 16 mobile phones, 31 Aadhaar Cards, 13 PAN Cards and 28 Voter ID.

The police stumbled upon the racket while investigating a case of theft from an ATM.