Krushna Abhishek and Kapil Sharma
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Krushna Abhishek is set to present a different format with his upcoming comedy show, The Drama Company. Unlike his previous shows, Comedy Nights Bachao and Comedy Nights Live, the new programme will feature plays, skits and spoofs of films.

The Drama Company will be aired on the same channel, Sony TV, as Krushna's rival Kapil Sharma's The Kapil Sharma Show.

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Talking about his rivalry with Kapil, Krushna told Hindustan Times that people have always pitted them against each other though there is no competition between them. Krushna also compared the popularity that he and Kapil enjoy with that of Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan.

"People have always pitted us against each other. Our popularity and our careers are linked in some way. Kapil and I are like Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan of TV. But unlike these superstars, we are not friends. We don't talk to each other, but when we do, we respect each other. There is no competition with Kapil, but now that Ali and others are in my show, people will link it to Kapil again, saying they left him to join me. But this is just a coincidence," he said.

Krushna Abhishek
Krushna AbhishekKrushna Abhishek/ Twitter

The ace comedian, however, is aware that his new show will be compared with Kapil's. And he says he is working hard to deliver quality content. "There will be a race for ratings. Our shows will air back-to-back. Both of us will try to give our best to our shows, and we will give tough competition to Kapil. We are bit scared, but are working hard to deliver quality product," he said.

Drama Company will also feature some former cast members of The Kapil Sharma Show — Ali Asgar, Sugandha Mishra and creative director Preeti Simoes. However, the presence of Sunil Grover on the show is uncertain. 

On the other hand, Chandan Prabhakar has returned to The Kapil Sharma Show. He, along with Sunil, Ali and Sugandha, had left it following the fallout between Sunil and Kapil in March this year.