Bollywood superhero flick "Krrish 3" landed into controversy after a newspaper reported that the makers of the film have inflated the box office numbers.

The Hrithik Roshan starrer is touted as the highest box office earner with more than ₹244 crore in collections - a record which was initially held by Aamir Khan's "3 Idiots".

"3 Idiots" held the top spot at the box office chart for more than three years until the release of "Chennai Express" and "Krrish 3".

But a DNA report, citing a trade analyst as its source, created waves after raising questioning on the accuracy of the box office figures of the film. [Read the report here]

While some actors and producers chose to remain silent on the report, perfectionist Aamir Khan has come out and raised his voice against the box office collections.

The "Dhoom 3" actor believes that there is nothing new about changing figures and that such a strategy is being followed since long.

"Numbers have been getting fudged since forever. There is nothing new about it. But if one decides to manipulate figures they are fooling themselves. There is no merit in doing that," Aamir told

Aamir also said that the only way to measure the success of a film is to check the number of days the film runs in theatres. A good film will definelty run for several weekends.

Incidentally, it was Aamir's films that had set the ₹100 crore and ₹200 crore benchmark at the domestic box office - the elite figures that filmmakers hope to achieve .