Director Vasu Varma's Telugu movie "Krishnashtami", featuring Sunil, Dimple Chopade and Nikki Galrani in the lead roles, has garnered mixed review from the audience.

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"Krishnashtami" is a romantic comedy entertainer with a good dose of action. The movie has been written and directed by Vasu Varma and produced by Dil Raju under Sri Venkateswara Creations. Dinesh Kanagaratnam has composed music for the songs and background score, while Chota K Naidu cranked the camera for the movie.

The story of "Krishnashtami" is about a video game designer (Sunil), an NRI settled in America, who is not interested in arranged marriage. The first half of the movie has a family story, but lacks the entertainment quotient. Viewers found it slow and boring. The second is also said to be average with nothing interesting. 

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Comedian-turned-hero Sunil has done well which is the main highlight of "Krishnashtami". But Vasu Varma has failed to use his talents. Dimple Chopade, Nikki Galrani and others have done their best. The movie has good production and music and picturisation stands out, add the audience.

We bring to you some viewers' verdict shared on Twitter. Here is the live update of "Krishnashtami" movie review by audience:

Nitin Chakravarthy ‏@Nitinreddy1111

Compared to his previous films , @Mee_Sunil anna is looking good now & even his screen presence is nice #Krishnashtami Direction is very amateurish #Krishnashtami Locations , cinematography �� #Krishnashtami Dubbing work is not in sync with artists performances..Because of that, emotions r not coming out well & look very artificial #Krishnashtami Okay 1st half.. But direction & editing are totally out of sync... @Mee_Sunil , cinematography, locations @nikkigalrani #Krishnashtami Bindaas remixed... #Krishnashtami 2nd half !!! The core story point of #Krishnashtami has good emotional value despite being predictable &routine..But Vasu varma made a big mess out of it Vasu varma's work in Josh is far far better compared to #Krishnashtami ..Josh was a honest attempt but #Krishnashtami Whoever had written the disorder track between hero & heroine, please come and stand In front me.. What a creativity #Krishnashtami @nikkigalrani loved your performance in #Krishnashtami .U've got a terrific screen presence..ATB for ur future projects long way ahead

Buddhi Yagna Murthy ‏@yagnamurthy

#Krishnashtami - So much disappointed. No stuff. As usual 'bakara' formula flick. Starting to End.. boring. #Krishnashtami - Sunil's character is not properly designed. Even in serious situations, he delivered the dialogues in comedy tone. Bad! #Krishnashtami - Why the director not utilized the comedy skills of Sunil is a big question. #Krishnashtami - One of the drawbacks - Vulgarity in the second heroine Dimple Chopade's role. #Krishnashtami - producer Dil Raju's own rating 3.25/5. My rating is 1.25/3.25. #Krishnashtami - Director Vasu Varma failed to give a hit to Dil Raju 2nd time in a row.

Parimala ‏@boyapatiparimal

@Mee_Sunil Completed first half. Very good story :) #Krishnashtami #Krishnashtami A descent family entertainer.@Mee_Sunil loved your performance. I can see your hard work on screen and it is payed off.

$ha$hank ‏@shasha1495

#Krishnashtami badulu Maa TV lo jaanaki ramudu chusukovachu 1st half below avg with little humour hope it gets better plz Routine ki mummy daddy #Krishnashtami not an impressive one from Sunil and dilraju can be skipped !! Samaptam

#Vijay™ ‏@vijaytarak9999

#Krishnashtami Average film 2nd half brindavanam copy paste Routine stuff

Tapasi RY ‏@TapasiRY

Baadshah lo Kajal banthi philosophy. #Krishnashtami lo Pallavi Baloon philosophy. As it is ga Dhimpesina entertaining undhi Posani and Saptagiri comedy #Krishnashtami #Krishnashtami 1st half - neither great nor bad. Slow screenplay is the let down. @nikkigalrani as Pallavi is very beautiful in the film She emoted very well too 'Plus point' #Krishnashtami Movie is very average. It is dragged all it's length. #Krishnashtami #Sunil baaga chesina Hero character lo heroism missing #Krishnashtami

Dileep ‏@dileepelapaka

watched #Krishnashtami avg film from Dil raju production house.

Telugu360 ‏@Telugu360

Interval update of @Mee_Sunil 's #Krishnashtami . Nothing to rave about. Mediocre direction. Movie over. Final report. Not a movie Dil Raju would be prod of coming from his reputed banner.

Vamsi krishna ‏@vamsi4422

@Mee_Sunil @nikkigalrani #Krishnashtami has one of the best action - chase sequences in a Telugu film in recent times.. Don't miss it #Hit

Sriram Varma ‏@sriramForU

Pawanism - Pallavism - Powerstar references #Krishnashtami 1st half just average Plus points:- Car chase sequence.... Super work by Chota K Naidu. Mirror comedy sequence in 2nd half #Krishnashtami

Sardaar GabbarSingh ‏@kirankumar97001

#Krishnashtami .. A nice family entertainer that will give you bang for buck

JOEL FRANK ‏@joewhosfrank7

#Krishnashtami fantastic movie in @Mee_Sunil..superb performance.. particularly sentiment scenes..hatsoff #vasuvarma chittor attack scene fantastic asalu

AmericaAlludu ‏@teluguyodhudu

Sunil looking pathetic.DilRaju lost judgement.VasuVarma's another chance wasted. @konavenkat99 story ROD #Krishnashtami @SVC_official

Das C H ‏@chs_dass

#Krishnastami 1st half entertaining 1st 30 min later gets too worst till the break except for 1 or 2 scenes...songs and bgm are good

Pawan ‏@pspk_fanindian

Just now watch #Krishnashtami movie enjoyed a lot @Mee_Sunil comedy timing was superb enjoyed a lot

Arawind ‏@Areddy207

Xcellent Interval in #Krishnashtami muv..dere hv maintain suspense That's Y love @SVC_official movie's there know public pulse @nikkigalrani

TollywoodAndhra ‏@TollywoodAndhra

#Krishnashtami is a passable family entertainer. Good in parts. 2nd half is the saving grace. Dimple, Songs & climax are highlights.

Sandeep Aatreya ‏@SandeepAatreya

Nothing works in favour of #Suneel's #Krishnashtami. Very bad film. Must skip.

Naga Raju kagitala ‏@KagitalaNaga

just seen #kishnastame movie superb bro comedy dance emotional scenes superb GOLDEN ***** @Mee_Sunil