Krishna Bhatt

Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt's daughter Krishna, who had assisted him on a few projects, had donned the director's hat in the year 2017. The dynamic director Krishna Bhatt is known for the thriller and drama series Maaya. The fans and critics widely appreciated her last three successful seasons in the past, namely Maaya, Maaya 2 and Maaya 3. The talented young filmmaker was also awarded as the best director for Maaya 3.

The erotic thriller series 'Maaya' by Vikram Bhatt's Loneranger Productions is all set for its season 4, directed by Krishna Bhatt will kick-start shoot from mid-October 2020.

In an exclusive conversation with International Business Times, India, Krishna Bhatt spoke at length about her forthcoming series Maaya 4, filming a lesbian love story in Maaya 2 and how her dad (Vikram Bhatt) and uncle Mahesh Bhatt helped her shape up her career.

Excerpts from the interview:

Krishna Bhatt

How different is Maaya 4 from the previous seasons?

Maaya 4 is going to be about a couple swinging. Every season of Maaya is different from the previous one. The only common thing between all the Maya's is it is a love story with a hakte twist. I cannot wait for it to start.

When you started with the lesbian love story were skeptical, how would the audience react to it?

When I started Maaya 2, I was a little skeptical about the lesbian angle. And also it is a lesbian love story, but while shooting the faith and the belief in it grew, and I realised that love is love despite gender or age. There is nothing that can stop you from falling in love or staying in love, and that's something I believed in. I am glad that people also believe in it now.

Krishna Bhatt

Why didn't you think of releasing it in theatres?

I didn't release it on a big screen as it was only meant to be on a digital platform, and I think the digital platform is growing day by day. With the lockdown, more and more content-driven shows have come up, and people are watching it. Maaya 2 was a subject that should reach every part of the world, and it has, people have messaged me from all across the world on how much they have liked it, and that makes me proud.

Still from Maaya 2 web series

Do you think India has progressed now and has accepted same-sex love and marriage?

India has progressed. With Section 377 being revoked and people have started to accept the same-sex relationship, and I see a lot of people coming out in the open, I think India is progressing, and people have grown. Audiences have understood love is beyond boundaries.

Krishna Bhatt

With theatres being shut now once they re-open will you see growth or decline in cinema viewing?

Once theatres open people go back to theatres. I don't think theatres will die. OTT and theatres are two parallel institutions and can run simultaneously. The theatregoers will not leave watching cinema in theaters and the digital viewers will not stop wathcing shows on the web. The digital age has come at a time when people are forced to stay at home, and that has helped pick up the platform to another level.

Krishna Bhatt, Mahesh Bhatt, Vikram Bhatt

How has your father (Vikram Bhatt) and uncle (Mahesh Bhatt) helped you in your career?

Personally, Mahesh uncle is not my uncle, and he is not related to me by blood; he is my father's mentor. Both he (Mahesh Bhatt) and my dad have taught me the nuances of cinema, understanding script, filmmaking, writing, and without their mentorship, I wouldn't have been what I'm today. My dad has handheld me to become an assistant director to a director.

Mahesh Bhatt and Vikram Bhatt