Former EXO members Luhan and Kris
Former EXO Members Luhan and Kris (Wu Yifan) might team up against SM Entertainment on their Contract Nullification Case.Instagram/Luhan, Facebook/EXO

The fans of former EXO members Kris (Wu Yifan) and Luhan were excited to watch their favourite celebs reunion at CCTV Spring Gala 2015. 

Although the meeting did not last for more than a few seconds, the admirers of the young celebs shared their excitement on social media platforms, such as Twitter and Google +, with #KRISHANDAY.

The hashtag started trending immediately after the video of Kris and Luhan's reunion was uploaded on various social networking sites.

Some of the fan tweets ranged from, "Friendship is still stronger than a piece of a contract paper", "KrisHan taught me that true friendship never ends" to "i still can't believe they had an interaction".

However, Kris and Luhan might not enjoy their stardom for long as SM Entertainment has already filed a lawsuit against the young celebs in Shanghai court.

While the South Korean record label claims an infringement of contract by the former K-pop members, the celebs remain tight-lipped over the issue.

Previously, a Chinese local media, Sina Entertainment, reported that the legal representatives of Luhan released a statement in response to SM Entertainment's lawsuit wherein they claimed that the entertainment company has no exclusive rights on the celebs in China.

As per the report, the record label has "no contractual basis" over the case and there is no jurisdiction on the lawsuit in Shanghai court.

But Hankyul law firm, who are the legal representatives of Kris and Luhan, denied the statement in an interview with Korean website allkpop.

"We are not conducting any interviews regarding Luhan or Kris. We are not aware of an interview with Chinese media. We will have to look into the Chinese report in question to confirm the truth of the matter," they said.

Meanwhile, several speculations are doing the rounds that the former EXO members might team up together to strengthen their contract nullification case against SM Entertainment.

Even the short video clip of previous K-Pop stars reunion indicates that they may work together in future as it shows Luhan asking Kris to call him.