Luhan Kris
Will former EXO members Luhan and Kris settle their contract nullification case with SM Entertainment?Instagram/Luhan, Facebook/EXO

As part of the ongoing contract nullification case with the popular South Korean record label SM Entertainment, former EXO members Kris (Wu Yifan) and Luhan will be facing another lawsuit in China.

In collaboration with the Chinese legal representative, the Korean entertainment firm has filed a case against the young celebs stating that they are "pursuing activities illegally".

According to the official statement released by SM Entertainment, Kris and Luhan have used their EXO fame to become a part of several entertainment projects, including movies, events, advertisements and award shows.

"These activities have infringed on the rights of EXO members as well as SM and also caused extensive financial damages to SM and its partners," reads the statement.

As per the record label, the exclusive contract between Kris, Luhan and SM Entertainment will be in effect until the final decision is made in court as the company have used "massive amount of resources" to turn EXO into a popular band.

Though the current lawsuit is against the young celebs and the Chinese companies promoting them, the firm is planning to protect the rights of EXO and SM Entertainment in other countries also.

The new lawsuit is filed at a time when Kris and Luhan were at the peak of their career and so this may force them to settle their contract nullification case with the South Korean record label.

However, as of now, both the celebs and their legal representatives are tight-lipped over the issue and their fans may have to wait a little longer to know more about their entertainment career.