The Wonder Girls latest album, "Reboot", is an accurate description of the band, given the present circumstances. The Kpop band, managed by JYP Entertainment, recently regrouped as a four- member band and stamped their identity on Korea's music scene.

Their third studio album, "Reboot", has been hailed for its 80s-inspired music. It's surprising that the band members pulled it off, considering none of them really listen to music from the 80s. But that didn't stop the all girl band to produce an album that is ranked No.2 on Billboard's World Albums.

In fact, Sunmi, Yubin, Hyerim and Yeeun's retro themed peppy videos have gone viral on the Internet. According to Soompi, their song "I Feel You" has generated seven million views on YouTube. The song, composed by Park Jin Young, is reminiscent of the freestyle genre. The video features the girls playing the piano, guitar, drums and bass. This is refreshing for Kpop fans, as most bands emphasise on choreography.

Also, the Wonder Girls may not want to deprive their fans of experiencing their idols' fun dance moves. This could explain why the four-member band released a new dance practice video to extend their love to fans.

Their dance rehearsal at the JYP Entertainment studio is set to their hit song "Rewind." The band is in the midst of promotions for "Reboot" and performed "Rewind" at Music Bank on 7 August.