Three years is a long wait. So when the all girl Kpop band Wonder Girls released their new album, "Reboot", appreciation flooded from their contemporaries in the industry. And why not, their new single, "I Feel You" has garnered over 80 million views on YouTube. The retro themed song has satisfied critics, fans and music artists. While the all-girl band has returned as a four-member team, former members Sun and Sohee reportedly confessed their apprehension about "Reboot."

According to Allkpop, the former band members are still in touch with the band and supported them as they released the new album. "Sun and Sohee even contacted us today. Just a little while ago, they texted me saying that they were more nervous . . . They told us that they were watching over us so not to be nervous. They've agreed to come visit the broadcasting station. We're always in touch with one another," said Yenny.

She further said that their departure from the band was difficult, but since Sun and Sohee lived with the band, it always felt like a team, reported Allkpop.

Even as the new album looks exciting, band members Kim Yubin, Park Yeeun, Lee Sunmi and Woo Hyerim have revealed that their journey has been incredibly difficult. Much of the challenge lies in projecting themselves as credible music artistes who can perform and sing deftly.

In an interview to Allkpop, Yenny said, "We don't only play instruments but also have to dance. We need to play the instruments, sing, and dance. Those three things are so different, which is the hardest thing."

Their new single, "I Feel You" is a retro pop song that identifies the girls' penchant for the genre. Most of their songs such as "Irony", "Nobody", "Be My Baby" are characterized by tunes that are reminiscent of the 80s.

According to The Inquirer, the all-girl band's members did not grow up listening to the music of the 80s. "None of us grew up listening to songs from that era. The sounds were new to us, and we didn't really know the sentiment of that period. The fact that we interpret that music in our own style is what sets us apart." Sunmi told The Inquirer.