Kourtney Kardashian is 40-years-old but does not look a day over 30! If you are wondering her beauty secrets, the 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star revealed some of her handy skin and hair care tips in a live interview on Instagram.

One of the most surprising and yet helpful tricks that the super mom has adopted in quarantine is to wash her hair only once a week. While talking to her best friend and business collaborator, Sarah Howard on Poosh's Wellness Wednesday, Kourtney revealed that "I haven't been washing my hair, as you know."

'I've been using the silk scrunchies'

She thanked her natural oils for the shine and bounce stating, "It's actually amazing because it has your natural hair oils in it. So they're [already] there, and I just push it up."

Another easy and super effective advice shared by Kourtney was to stick to silk. The oldest Kardashian sister revealed, "I've been using the silk scrunchies so it doesn't damage your hair."

Not just a scrunchie but silk is her favourite material for many other products too, as she continued, "I also sleep on my silk pillowcase, so it's double silk! And I wear silk pyjamas! So everyone knows, they're so worth the investment. If I don't wear them, I have lines on my body. They're anti-ageing pyjamas, I swear...I just threw on this silk shirt [today] that was hanging there that looked happy,"

Getting back to hair and skin issues, Kourtney added, "The [hair] oil could get on your pillow and it did kind of make me break out. So I've been using our Aquis hair turban on the silk side, which is the leopard side. So it's the silk on your hair: I wrap it, then I can sleep on it,"

The mom of three surely looked radiant and glowing in the chat. It is hard to tell if it's the silk or the fact that she's out of her reality show, 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'. Either way, we're in love with this mama's skin!