Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar
Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev KumarIANS

Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar has reached Shillong to be questioned by the Central Bureau of Investigation on Saturday.

Kolkata's top cop made headlines this week after West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee held a protest against the CBI questioning Rajeev Kumar regarding the Sharadha chit fund scam which rocked the nation. 

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court said that Kumar cannot be arrested but will have to remain flexible and be present for the CBI's questioning. 

CM Mamata Banerjee called this a victory while talking to reporters after the Supreme Court's judgment. 

This questioning is taking place one day after the Kolkata police conducted raids on two firms related to CBI's interim director Nageswar Rao's wife Mannem Sandhya. This is considered as a retaliation by the police over the search of Rajeev Kumar's house by the CBI last Sunday as well as the questioning to take place on Saturday. 

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2019-02-0912:24 (IST)

Questioning underway

Rajeev Kumar is at CBI office in Shillong and the interrogation is underway. 

2019-02-0912:23 (IST)

Joint CBI director (East) to be present for Kumar's questioning

Pankaj Srivastava, the joint director of CBI (East) will be expected to join Rajeev Kumar's questioning in the afternoon. 

Kumar's interrogation is held in Shillong, since it is a neutral ground, says Supreme Court. 

2019-02-0910:57 (IST)

CBI officials arrive for Rajeev Kumar's questioning

2019-02-0910:55 (IST)

Rajeev Kumar arrives at CBI office in Shillong [PHOTOS]

2019-02-0910:53 (IST)

Visuals of building where Rajeev Kumar will be questioned in Shillong

2019-02-0910:52 (IST)

Rajeev Kumar's advocate leaves aftermeeting CBI officials

Biswajit Dev, Rajeev Kumar's advocate met with the CBI officials on Saturday mornign ahead of the police officer's questioning.

Dev is a former advocate general of Mizoram.

2019-02-0910:30 (IST)

Companies related to Nageswar Rao raided on Friday

In what is seen as a retaliation to the attempted search of Rajeev Kumar's house last Sunday, the Kolkata police conducted raids on two companies related to CBI's interim director Nageswar Rao's wife on Friday. they alleged that there were as series of transactions between the company and Mannem Sandhya, Rao's wife. 

The properties belonged to  Angela Mercantiles Pvt Ltd, a non-banking finance company. 

Rao however, denied any connection between the firm and his family. 

"In light of certain reports appearing in some media outlets, including some TV channels today linking my family members with a company on which Kolkata Police has carried out raids, I want to state that I had already clarified regarding this issue through a signed press statement on 30th October 2018," Rao was quoted as saying by NDTV

2019-02-0910:10 (IST)

Rajeev Kumar never handed us the documents related to the chit fund scam: interim CBI director Nageswara Rao

"The state SIT, headed by Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar, which was earlier probing the case seized voluminous documents but they were never handed over to us. We issued a notice to Rajeev Kumar but he failed to appear. With no other way in hand, we decided to interrogate him," CBI interim chief M Nageshwar Rao was quoted as saying by India Today TV on February 3, Sunday. 

2019-02-0910:08 (IST)

'Rajeev Kumar cannot be arrested,' Supreme Court

The Supreme Court on Tuesday said that Rajeev Kumar cannot be arrested by directed him to be available for CBI questioning. 

2019-02-0910:07 (IST)

Kumar will be questioned at an undisclosed location

Rajeev Kumar will be first taken to the regional CBI office in Shillong and then moved to an undisclosed location for questioning. 

2019-02-0910:01 (IST)

CBI suspects Rajeev Kumar's hand in two Ponzi schemes

The Central Bureau of Investigation suspected that West Bengal SIT chief and police commissioner Rajeev Kumar was involved in the missing files case related to the Sharadha and Rose Valley Ponzi schemes. 

When the investigating agency tried to question Kumar, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee held a three-day protest accusing the Modi government of a 'coup'.