Delhi Gang-Rape
Protesters hold a sign as they participate in a demonstration to mourn the death of a rape victim, who was assaulted in New Delhi, in Mumbai December 29, 2012. Reuters

One and half years after the tragic Park Street rape, which led to severe repercussions in the West Bengal state, the middle-aged victim has finally come out in the open.

The victim, 38-year-old Suzzete Jordan, a mother of two girls told NDTV, "Why should I hide my identity when it was not even my fault? Why should I be ashamed of something that I did not give rise to? I was subjected to brutality, I was subjected to torture, and I was subjected to rape, and I am fighting and I will fight."

Jordan said she felt the need of revealing herself as the state continued to be plagued under sex-related crimes against women.

She was protesting with a local NGO against the four rapes that shook the state in the past two weeks.

"I could no longer sit back and watch what was happening, the monstrosity that has been perpetrated," said Jordan.

Jordan was raped in a moving car at late night on February 2012, while leaving a night club.

The incident evoked ridiculous responses from the ruling TMC government starting with Chief Minister Mamata Bannerjee, who had termed the incident 'Sajano golpo' i.e. a 'fabricated story.' Adding to the woes another women Trinamool leader went to the extent of calling the victim a sex worker since she was out late and denied the rape as a an argument between the sex worker and her client.

The incident created tremendous chaos since the police had initially refused to file Jordan's complaint.

However, Jordan said taht she has absorbed all the negativity. "I forgive the chief minister. She made a mistake. Anyone can make a mistake and I don't hold it against her anymore."

It is Jordan's new role as the online counsellor for affected women, which has given her a new strength to deal with the atrocities.

Meanwhile, in another report, a 20-year-old student is said to have dragged her molester to the police in kolkata. The woman travelling in a crowded Kolkata metro train was subjected to lewd and obscene gestures from a 32-year-old man.

Fed up of his sexual advances, the woman dragged the accused to a metro station and handed him to the police. An FIR under Section 352 (assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty) was filed against the accused.