Nayanthara in Kolamavu Kokila
Nayanthara in Kolamavu Kokila.PR Handout

Nayanthara, who is often called 'Lady Superstar', is back with yet another woman-centric movie in Kolamavu Kokila, shortly known as CoCo. It is a crime-comedy bankrolled by Lyca Productions and directed by debutant Nelson Dilipkumar.

The movie has comedian Yogi Babu playing a pivotal role. Saranya Ponvannan, Jacqueline, Cheenu Mohan, Hareesh Peradi, Naan Kadavul Rajendran and others are part of the supporting cast. The movie has Nirmal's editing and Sivakumar Vijayan's cinematography.

Youth sensation Anirudh Ravichander has composed the music. Songs like Edhu Varaiyo, Orey Oru, Gun In Kadhal and Kalyana Vayasu, have gone viral after video release. The tracks have also garnered a thumbs-up from the viewers.


As the trailer indicates, Kolamavu Kokila is a tale of smugglers. Nayanthara enacts the role of Kokila, a worker in a massage parlour and she is the bread-winner of her family. She plays the role of an innocent, yet strong girl. The girl from the lower middle-class family lands in an extraordinary situation and how she faces the situations forms the rest of the story.

Reviews and Analysis:

The cinematographer has brilliantly captured the lives around the illegal business with both art direction and editing departments complementing well. The dark comedy works big time in Kolamavu Kokila. The story keeps the viewers engaged most part of the time although the last 30 minutes is not up to the mark. Nonetheless, director Nelson packaged the movie with necessary commercial ingridients.

Nayanthara shines in the role of an innocent girl, who takes drug transporting business to save her ailing mother. Saranya Ponvannan, as always, has enacted the role with ease. Both comedy and serious portions have come out well. Yogi Babu's performance is top notch. Apart from these characters, supporting artistes too have played their parts well. On the flip side, the slow narration is the major drawback in the film.

Nonetheless, the film entertains the audience despite logical flaws in the screenplay.

Find out the movie review in the audience's words here:

Gopi: #KolamaavuKokila A fun ride with , @NayantharaU. @anirudhofficial #Yogibabu entertaining at their best!
Super entertainment film all the best whole team the clear super hit

Sharath: #KolamaavuKokila ❤❤❤ @anirudhofficial is the soul of the film RR and thottaakkalaai song placement Vera level Thank u so much @Nelson_director for giving us a sweet filmNd not to forget Sivakumar vijayan's camera work is top notch❤ #CoCo

Anirudh: A Good Heist film where first half dulls apart but 2nd half entertains
Nayanthara, Yogi Babu and Music by Anirudh were strength of the movie

Muthu.R: An ordinary first half which slowly moves towards the plot which followed by the fun filled second half which made me to laugh like never before in the recent times, still feel the throat pain.. Worth a watch..
Final Verdict : Yes I agree,கமல் ஒரு தீர்க்கதரிசி

Sidhu: #KolamaavuKokila: Once again, #Nayanthara comes to the fore with a restrained performance that's not easy to portray. And Yogi Babu, he ensures that he leaves you in splits whenever he's on screen.
#KolamaavuKokila: Fairly engaging drug deal. It's a slow and convenient film that's lit up by it's starcast and music. Decent watch, you might enjoy it a little more if you're a fan of dark comedies.
#KolamaavuKokila Interval: Moving at a good pace. The comedy and thrills are balanced well. #Nayanthara rocks in a timid role, bringing out an understated performance!

Subramanian Surya: #CoCo #KolamaavuKokila interval : Director takes his time to set the premise and the characters (quirky as they are). Real action starts only 40 mins before interval when Kokila gets involved in drug trade. Intermission has been setup at an interesting block. Waiting for 2nd half

Kaushik LM: #KolamaavuKokila #CoCo 2nd half gets too convenient and easy for the protagonists but has its entertaining moments
Definitely a truly different female-centric film which doesn't preach feminism It's a dark comedy - family drama set in the drug peddling world. Give it a shot!
#KolamavuKokila #CoCo 1st half - A big heroine doing a film based on drug peddling is a revelation.. Nothing commercial or glamorous abt the character. Gutsy pick by #Nayanthara! The dark comedy segments work to a good extent
#KolamaavuKokila #CoCo 1st half -Going good. #Nayanthara scores with her expressions sporting a scared, innocent look. Interval block gets a fine response. @anirudhofficial rocks with his songs & fills the film with his background score. #YogiBabu comedy is a bonus
Slow & steady

Rajasekar: #KolamaavuKokila first half - #Nayanthara steals the show as the innocent Kokila who slowly gets into the skin of the drug peddler role, mass interval sequence gives the much needed high . Good show so far @Nelson_director
#KolamaavuKokila - Must appreciate Nayanthara's guts, she is definitely pushing the boundaries with her every heroine centric Tamil film. If Aramm and Maya are for niche audiences, she has taken a commercial route this time and pulled it off in style. #Coco
Not a big fan of #Dora (which is a commercial heroine-centric film) but #KolamaavuKokila will open the doors for Nayanthara in the commercial action genre. Just like how heroes shift to action with films which have subtle mass elements, #Nayanthara has chosen this one!

mithunbharathi: #KolamaavuKokila the dialogues are soulful .. witty ... nelson captures lively moments and as well as emotional ;) effectively ... the cause is established very deeply and it is driving d momentum... of d film. Within 20 min he has played all characters in d film topclass

jaf: #KolamaavuKokila interval. Uncontrollable laughter. Never scene such a twisting funny interval block before. So far sure shotttttt

balaji: #KolamaavuKokila interval. Uncontrollable laughter. Never scene such a twisting funny interval block before. So far sure shotttttt

Balakumar v: #KolamaavuKokila first half done... Perfect combination of Story content and comedy.
#Nayanthara steals the show.
Second half: Laughter riot. Unexpected fun ride... Enjoyed thoroughly with my family.
Tired of saying @anirudhofficial music is fantastic and #Nayanthara 's performance is marvellous. Both became default nowadays.

suresh jiiii: @Nelson_director @anirudhofficial @YogiBabu_offl @NayantharaU #KolamaavuKokila @vijaytelevision,super crime, comedy movie,, ,nayan mam acting vera level silent killer,,, yogibabu ji strength to movie, Vijay tv KPY team kaliketanga totally movie rating 2.75/5,❤