Karan Johar's talk show Koffee With Karan has always been in the news for obvious reasons. Hate, love it, but you can't ignore it. The grand finale of Koffee With Karan season 7 was filled with drama, entertainment and lots of fun.

This was the first time when Karan was quizzed and grilled on the Koffee couch by the guests. Season 7's last episode welcomed influencers Tanmay Bhat, Kusha Kapila, Danish Sait and Nikarika NM. The table was turned as these four influencers made Karan spill the tea. Not only was the episode candid, but also high on content, as Karan opened up about his ordeal with anxiety, being in therapy and healing. Karan also spoke about his sex life and more.

So if you have missed watching the episode. We have got you covered. Sit back and read on:

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Koffee With Karan season 7 finale highlights

Karan Johar on combating mental health for over 3-4 years

When the influencers asked Karan Johar how he deals with all the mean things that are written about him online, he opened up about his mental health.

"I have become thick-skinned over the years, Honestly, it doesn't bother me the way people think it should bother me when I read stuff that awful. They come down to even abusing my kids. Those are times when I feel like f***, just leave them out of it.

He went on, " I'm like, you can say whatever you want about me, my sexuality or about all the conspiracy theories they have that are really down and dirty. It really doesn't bother me and it's not like I have not been in therapy and I haven't had issues in the past."

On anxiety issue

"There was an anxiety issue that I combatted 5 years ago and that was when I really opened up. You know, when I spoke to my doctor and she was a psychologist. She said that you are actually brushing everything so deep within that you actually think that you are dealing with it and that you have thick skin but actually, you are shoving it into a dark, deep area and that's all going to pop up at some time. So, she said you shouldn't. So, at least I started talking about this fact to people because I was not even telling people that I was in therapy and that I was going through an issue of anxiety for 3 or 4 years."

On medication and healing

"Post that phase when I weaned my medication off, that's when I realised I am feeling much better now because I was speaking to my close ones about the fact that it had got to me in some way because I think every issue, whether it is anxiety or depression, it's spiralling from somewhere, right? Like maybe, I am thinking it's because of a broken heart but it is also because of ABC's reason. So now I just talk about it much more and it sucks at times."

Hug therapy

After listening to Karan's confession, the four influencers hugged him. Karan gave an insight into hug therapy.

Karan said, " You know, there is a Hug therapy, which is called cuddle therapy, where 12 hugs are what you really need throughout the day, and 8 is the bare minimum."

Karan on his sex life

The influencers quizzed him about his sex life. To which karan said,"I don't have an inactive sex life."

Is Karan Johar dating David Dhawan?

In the second segment, Kusha Kapila questioned Karan, "You have spoken about being in a relationship," and Niharika responded, "Do we know who it is?" Varun Dhawan encouraged that connection, Kusha continued. This was very accurately stated by Karan Johar, who said, "He found out by default." Tanmay Bhatt then questioned Karan Johar: "You and David Dhawan were dating? You said that he learned by accident. " "No, I wasn't dating David Dhawan," Karan Johar retorted.

Koffee Awards

Talking about the Koffee Awards, there were five categories : 

Best Moment: This category was won by Sonam Kapoor wherein she called the Brahmastra movie Shiva No 1. The award went to Sonam Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor jointly. 

Rapid Fire: Ranveer Singh won the Rapid fire section.

Best Episode: Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh who inaugurated season 7 of Koffee With Karan got the Best Episode award by the jury.

Best Performance Male: Arjun Kapoor won the award for being vulnerable and pouring his heart out.

Best performance Female: Samantha Ruth Prabhu who made her debut on the Koffee couch also won the best performer award for this particular season. 

While concluding the season, Karan Johar confirmed that Koffee With Karan will make a comeback with its 8th season next year.