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Bollywood actress Koena Mitra has slammed Congress leader PC Chacko for comparing Yasin Malik with Pragya Singh Thakur and said that the Kashmiri separatist leader should get third degree treatment every day.

Yasin Malik, who is the chief of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), is in judicial custody till May 24 in connection with a terror funding case.

Talking about Yasin Malik, PC Chacko, the former Congress MP from Thrissur, appreciated his courage. "If Pragya Singh Thakur, an accused, can contest an election, and in the name of separatism, Delhi is asking him (Yasin Malik) at gunpoint to surrender, anyone with self-respect will react the way Mr Yasin Malik did," the senior Congress leader told ANI.

Koena Mitra retweeted ANI post and condemned PC Chacko for falling so low, by defending Yasin Malik. The model-turned-actress tweeted, "Self respect of a Terrorist? He's praising 'self respect' & 'courage' of a terrorist Yasin Malik who killed four Indian Air Force men and Kashmiri Pandits. Congress, you are the lowest low!!! #GetOutCongressTerrorists."

Yasin Malik condition is said to be worsening in the prison and his family is not allowed to meet him. His wife Mushaal Hussein Mullick tweeted, "#Yasin went on hunger strike for 12 days due to which his health worsened. #RAW is issuing me and my daughter life threats. I appeal to the world bodies to play their role in the release of my ailing husband from the #Indian prison on medical grounds. #Kashmir."

Fahad Shah, the Editor of The Kashmir Walla, revealed that the Kashmir leaders have given a shutdown call in protest against the treatment. He tweeted, "JKLF chief Yasin Malik is unwell in custody. Leaders in #Kashmir have given a shutdown call tomorrow against his condition in prison.."

Koena Mitra retweeted Fahad Shah's post and said that he should get third degree treatment for killing the army men. The actress tweeted, "No one cares. No one!!! He's a terrorist who killed four unarmed jawans and danced around their dead bodies. He should get third degree treatment everyday. #terroristyasinmalik #YasinMalik."

Filmmaker Ashoke Pandit, an evicted Pandit from Kashmiri, defended her opinion. He retweeted saying, "He deserves to die worst then those soldiers & innocent Kashmiri Pandits that he killed." In reply to him, Koena Mitra, "True that. Gunda raj has to come to an end. #CongressHatao"

It is no secret that Koena Mitra is a staunch supporter of Narendra Modi. She added, "Vote for Gundas even if you have to..... but defeat Narendra Modi ~ says @AtishiAAP Gundaraj has to come to an end, their desperation to Hijack our country will go in vain!! Save our Beautiful nation from these vultures. Don't vote for @AtishiAAP. @ArvindKejriwal."

Koena Mitra requested the people of Mumbai to vote for Narendra Modi. She tweeted, "Dear Mumbaikars, It's time to unite against terrorists, corrupts, gundas, and hafta collectors. Remember 26/11 when you vote. Please go out in big groups, motivate people to vote for peace, development and Justice!!! #VoteKar #Modihaitohmumkinhai #MumbaikarVoteKar."