Mamata Banarjee and Koena Mitra
Mamata Banerjee and Koena MitraCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

Model-turned-actress Koena Mitra said that West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is a semi expired CM with no dignity and self-respect after the latter captured a BJP office in the state.

After AITC got dismal results in the recent elections, Mamata Banerjee has intensified her fight with the BJP. On Friday, she ordered her party leaders to recapture TMC offices allegedly occupied by the BJP. A day before this call, she broke open a BJP office in Naihati area of North 24 Parganas district and painted her party's name - AITC and symbol on its saffron wall.

According to the reports, this office belonged to the AITC before the general elections. But BJP leader Arjun Singh's supporters had allegedly captured it after he defeated Dinesh Trivedi in Barrackpore Lok Sabha constituency. Now a video featuring Mamata Banerjee recapturing it is creating a lot of buzz on Twitter with many BJP activists trolling the West Bengal CM with a hashtag #MamataKaLathiTantra.

Koena Mitra is a supporter of the BJP and she often criticize left wing liberals on her Twitter account. She retweeted the above-mentioned video and condemned Mamata Banarjee's act. The Delhi-based actress tweeted, "Semi Expired CM is such an embarrassment. No dignity, no self-respect. Taking over the BJP office won't make any difference cos they'll take over West Bengal. #MamataKaLathiTantra."

Some of Koena Mitra's followers replied to her post and condemned Mamata Banerjee for misusing her power. They opined that she is losing her temper because she knows that the BJP is taking over the state.

Shantanu‏ @shantanu787

That's why every politician should have minimum education qualification...I feel sorry for the IAS IPS officers working for this psycho..she has misconception that she is queen of Bengal and she owns it... Immediately require presidential rule in Bengal to save Hindus.

Abhishek Singh‏ @Abhishe41811345

Dangerous for the people of west Bengal. She must b restricted to her house only.

Parth Patani‏ @PrabhuPriyParth

Wtf is this ? Is she a CM or a bandit ?? She's committing the crime of trespassing and vandalism in front of the cameras and police are watching ??

Namo Ravikumar‏ @raaga31280

Some people had foolishly opind that she is like Jayalalitha,but let me be brutally hones,that she can never ever be like Jayalalitha as she belongs to a different league and this lady Hitler is a one without a spine who knows that her days as a politician is counted,Jai Shri Ram

Säčħĭŋ Pandit‏ @sachin06

Not semi expired she is fully disturbed and more defeats will send her in to coma n BJP Ghost will destroy her soon as some expired eg:Naidu,Lalu,Mulayam party,Congress,Mayawati all were doing same things before elections she is next to expired as CPI is zero now once ruler !