Director Sarath's Tamil movie "Ko 2," featuring Bobby Simha, Nikki Galrani and Prakash Raj in the leading roles, has received positive reviews from the audience.

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Written by Sarath, "Ko 2" is a political drama thriller, which is a sequel to the 2011 hit film "Ko." The film is inspired from the story of Telugu movie "Prathinidhi" and has shades of 1998 Tamil movie "Desiya Geetham." The film revolves around the story of a common man (Bobby Simha), who kidnaps the chief minister of the state and threatens to murder him, if he does not fulfil his demands.

The audience say director Sarath has chosen a superb story for "Ko 2" and written an engaging screenplay for it. The first half of the film is entertaining, but the narration is slow in parts. The scene between Bobby Simha and Prakash Raj are the big highlight in this portion. The second half is also interesting and engaging.

The viewers say apart from a brilliant script, "Ko 2" boasts of superb performances by lead actors Bobby Simha, Prakash Raj and Nikki Galrani. Bobby's romantic scenes with Nikki and serious scenes with Prakash are the big highlights of the movie. Others artistes have also done justice to their roles.

"Ko 2" has been produced by Elred Kumar and Jayaraman under the banner RS Infotainment and it has rich production elements. Leon James' songs and background score and Venkat M and Philip R. Sundar's camera work are the big attractions on the technical front, add the viewers. We bring to you some viewers' verdict shared on Twitter. Here is the live update of "Ko 2" movie review by audience:

Sreedhar Pillai ‏@sri50

#Ko2 3/5. Entertaining, relevant and topical political thriller with some punchy dialogues. Highlight – Outstanding music @leon_james #Ko2 3/5 –Good supporting cast. Loved @actorkaruna ,Ilavarasu& Balasaravanan.@nikkigalrani fab .#BobbySimhaa needs 2 b convincing as hero. #Ko 2 – 3/5.Trouble is the slow 1st half, takes too much time to get moving. On the whole decent topical film @directorsarath

Shanujan ‏@J_Shanujan

#KO2 Intervel- Not Bad.. Scenes Between @prakashraaj - Simhaa Are Big + Of Movie.. Dialogues BGM Expecting Strong 2nd Half @nikkigalrani

Manigandan K R ‏@cineobserver

The first half of #Ko2 is interesting. @nikkigalrani looks hot. Music of @leon_james impresses. Now, watching the second half. #Ko2 is a neat entertainer. Definitely worth a watch. @nikkigalrani @ActorSimhaa and @leon_james's music are big pluses. #Ko2 is worth a watch for the awareness it seeks to create on certain issues. @nikkigalrani and the music of @leon_james are big pluses

Sathish Kumar ‏@sathish_ajith

Watching #Ko2... Interval Block... Twist... Interval before Bobby and Prakashraj Conversation ...

Ajith ☜☆☞ Appu ✌ ‏@nazrudheenappu

#Ko2 First 40 Minutes slow Now Going Good First half Finished Waiting for second Half ☺

Rahul singh ‏@CricRahul1

The first half of #KO2 was just awesome . I totally loved.

Aravind ‏@aravinddgreat

#Ko2 Interval:Sharp dialogues is bug plus. @nikkigalrani excellent BGM & songs stands.Expecting a Solid 2nd half,with much needed Flashback #Ko2 @nikkigalrani really different role in ur career. totally out of the box you are , expecting lot more in further movies, keep rocking

Common Man Sathish ‏@SathishMSK

#Ko2 Scenes between @ActorSimhaa & #Prakashraj has come out well. Romantic scenes could have been better. Expecting engaging 2nd half.

PipingHotViews ‏@PipingHotViews

#KO2 First half. Demands a lot of patience to sit through and the film is yet to take us into its core theme. A lot rests on half 2 now.

VJ Abishek ‏@cinemapayyan

Relatively an underwhelming start for #Ko2 Very few winning moments! Lucid screenplay n halfbaked performances! Core idea does excite! Compromised making adda a dent, but #ko2 needs a watch for its plot. Inconsistency with the wig does irritate but a neatly written spin off!

Ramesh ‏@rameshlaus

#KO2 1st Half: A kidnap drama that is intense between @ActorSimhaa and @prakashraaj - @nikkigalrani provides ample support in romantic track #KO2 [3/5] : A Good Political Thriller.. Lot of interesting twists and turns that unravel in the 2nd half.. Sharp topical dialogues.. #KO2 [3/5]: @ActorSimhaa has done a good job of an angry young man.. @prakashraaj as the kidnapped CM is measured in his performance.. @nikkigalrani looks good and her role has two tracks.. As a girlfriend to Bobby and as News reporter.. She has done well in both Actors #Ilavarasu, #BalaSaravanan and @actorkaruna stand out among supporting cast.. #Mayilsami and co provide comic relief..

First Day First Show ‏@fdfscinema

#Ko2 Interval: A gripping political drama, going good so far. Love scenes bit slow,but it should've a backstory in 2nd half.Sharp Dialogues Sharp dialogues is bug plus. @leon_james excellent BGM & songs stands.Expecting a Solid 2nd half,with a much needed Flashback. #Ko2 - An Political drama executed well to the current scenario&speaks lot about system,Journalists&Every citizen's rights &Responsibilities #Ko2 - @sarathmandava script is strong & Solid. Dialogues makes it even better. @leon_james Rerecording plays an major part.Perfect duration

Anand ‏@anandstr

very boring 1st half...some political dialogues should be appreciated #ko2

South fdfs ‏@southfdfs

#KO2 #KO2showtime @leon_james another hero of movie. BGM & Songs are big positives #KO2 #KO2showtime @nikkigalrani strongly holding romantic part & revealing some cute expressions. Well performing in her part #KO2 Interval- kidnap drama , @ActorSimhaa , @prakashraj , @leon_james are pillars of film. @directorsarath @elredkumar @manihassan. #KO2 #KO2showtime Now going second half & 1st half was good. Congrats to profitable man @elredkumar #KO2 #KO2showtime In second half, insitting incident was suprise. @directorsarath learnt direction as good frm #chakritoleti. #KO2 (3.5/5) A Racy political thriller "outstanding " @ActorSimhaa @nikkigalrani @elredkumar @manihassan

Chirag Gupta ‏@ChiragG14

The first half of #KO2 was engaging. The movie kept us on the edge of our seats. #KO2 has exceeded expectations. This is one movie no one should miss out on. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. #KO2 has thoroughly impressed. This movie showcases certain aspects in a clear way. Go watch this at a theatre near you!

Swami Singham ‏@SinghamIyer

#KO2- a superb Thriller + Political storyline.. Kudos to the director @directorsarath & team. Good job! #Ko2 - @nikkigalrani charming as usual. #KO2- Superb performance, love the new look! @ActorSimhaa

#praveen pk ‏@praveenpk98

#KO2 starter is bad but the msg and the speech delivery got good and truth information for Tamilnadu government

Saiganesh ‏@im_saiganesh

#Ko2 intermission: Half baked political thriller with very good start but got dipped as the movie progress with a twist in the interval

HBD thenali monish ‏@siva17594

@nikkigalrani u look so cute mass clups vishil u entry #ko2