Bengaluru city's Indiranagar, one of the popular and upscale residential localities has made headlines shockingly for attacks women reported in and around 12th Main road. 

A viral post on the social media platform narrating that two women were attacked with a knife by a motorcyclist in the same locality in Bengaluru's Indiranagar has left residents shocked and concerned. 


After the post went viral, several residents pointed out incidents of crimes like phone and chain being snatched. 

My sister was attacked with a knife by a biker on 12th Main Road: The post

The Reddit post read, "My sister was attacked with a knife by a biker on 12th Main Road, Indiranagar. It was 9:15 pm, Saturday, 13th March. She was walking on 12th main road, 1st cross when a biker approached her and slashed her on the thigh, and fled. She immediately went to Chinmaya mission hospital where she was told that this was definitely a knife wound. She got 10 stitches. Now here's the catch, they told her that the exact same thing had happened to a girl the night before when she was out on a run, around the same time, in the same area.

She was wounded on the thigh as well and the same knife wound. My sister informed the police about the incident. She managed to get CCTV footage of the attack from a house on the street. However, the number plate of the bike wasn't visible.


The police also confirmed the story about the other girl who was attacked. 1. Please be careful while walking around that area. 2. If something similar has happened with anyone you know, please share. It seems like the person who attacked her was trying to slash the girl's femoral vein, which can cause death within minutes.

Despite police complaints and FIRs on phone snatchings etc., and even these kinds of incidents, the Indiranagar and Jeevanbhimanagar Police stations have been able to do pretty much nothing. Not only that, they don't even patrol the area after sunset. Such is the "who cares" attitude of the police, who are supposed to be our protectors. Indiranagar used to be considered safe, not anymore."

Patrolling has been increased in the area: Bengaluru City Police takes cognisance

Jurisdictional Deputy Commissioner of Police SD Sharanappa, IPS took cognisance of the incident. In an exclusive interview with International Business Times, India, the DCP said, "The victim of the attack has filed a complaint in written and has refused to file an FIR. This has been the first complaint from that area so we have started investigation actively. Since the day, we have increased patrols throughout the day and night. 

On speaking about ways to increase safety in your locality, the DCP said, "The people of the area should be aware all the time and take extra precautions. The residents of every street can collectively install a CCTV camera for that particular street to increase surveillance for clear CCTV coverage. As the Govt cameras can not get the footage of the interior of every house and street.

"The cameras have to be high resolution, clear visual for catching culprits is very crucial in investigation. If the residents have any query can approach the police. "


The neighbourhood collective I-Change Indiranagar approached the Assistant Commissioner of Police's office on Tuesday and submitted a petition. They have asked the police to increase patrolling and asked them to question drivers who remain parked in the area without any purpose. We also asked the police to take up this case on a suo motu basis