Indian is a country where the law of the land should be strictly followed, and the Indian constitution clearly states that ignorance of the law is not an excuse. As the entire nation is locked down due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Kerala government has recently announced that all people should compulsorily wear masks and any violation could fetch them fine ranging from Rs 200 to 5,000. However, Kiss of Love leaders Resmi Nair and her husband Rahul Pasupalan apparently believes that they are above every lockdown rule that is now prevalent in the state.

Are laws only for common men?

A video of the alleged incident has been released by a local channel named GCN News Pathanapuram. In the video, Resmi Nair and her husband can be seen questioned by health officials and police officers for allegedly breaking lockdown rules.

At one point in time, Resmi Nair can be seen shouting at the health officer without any provocation, and at this moment, police officers intervened and they left the self-proclaimed model and her husband Scott-free. Interestingly, both Resmi and Rahul were also not wearing seatbelts while driving their SUV. 

Resmi R Nair

It should be noted that Kerala police has been taking strict legal actions against offenders who are breaking coronavirus lockdown rules for the past one month. However, the recent incident clearly points to the fact that rules are only meant for the common man, and people who are affluent can easily break the laws under the police's nose.

Social media outrage against Resmi Nair

The video of the incident has already gone viral on social media platforms and people are criticizing police for taking a biased stand while handling lockdown violators. As per these critics, Kerala police do not have the courage to take a case against Resmi Nair, as she is a mouthpiece of the Pinarayi Vijayan government in social media platforms.

Resmi Nair
Resmi Nair

It should be noted that Kerala police had recently filed a charge sheet against Resmi Nair in a sex-trafficking case. The case was handled by Sreejith IPS, and he revealed that Resmi along with Rahul Pasupalan had advertised sexual services on Facebook in a page named 'Kochu Sundharikal'.