Kiss a Kia, Kiss a Kia contest, Kiss a Kia winner
Kiss a KiaFacebook/Tania Ortega on FOX 7

Here is a once in a lifetime chance to win and drive away a brand new Kia Optima, the sedan from Korean automaker that too without dipping into your pockets. Wonder how? We will tell you. Simply lip lock!

An Austin radio station is running a promotional event in Texas that has taken the love for the cars to a new level.

The radio station, 96.7 KISS FM located at the Southwest KIA in Round Rock, announced a contest in which the contestants were asked to kiss a Kia Optima for as long as they could. The contest started with 20 people showering affection on their 'love' on a Monday morning at 8.00 am, and at the last check on Tuesday, 11 were still engrossed with their pursuit, planting kisses.

According to the station, the winner of the contest will drive home the Kia Optima. Now at the end of it, if more than one person is left kissing the Optima, the FM will pick a name randomly and announce the winner. And before we leave you to watch the video of Kissing Kia, let's add here that participants will not be starving while kissing the Optima sedan. Facilities have reportedly been made for the contestants to take 10-minute breaks every hour. Interesting isn't it? These are times when people will go that extra mile to get attention, yes, literally!

Kia's plans for India

Kia Motors, South Korea's second-largest automobile manufacturer headquartered in Seoul is currently weighing its options to enter the Indian market. Kia, which is known for its small cars and SUVs, will battle against Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai. The company is expected to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Andhra Pradesh (AP) government later this month to set up its factory.