Three women committed suicide by hanging in Kirkuk province after being forced by the Islamic State to marry Isis fighters.

According to, the women hung themsleves in Hawija district, located 55 km southwest of Kirkuk after the local Isis leaders in the area forced them to marry three of its terrorists. 

After their alleged suicide, Isis warned the local hospital authorities against discussing the case with anyone.

Since taking over areas in Iraq and Syria, the Islamic State terrorists have been using women in the region as spoils of war. Last year, Isis executed 150 women, including some who were pregnant after they refused to marry Isis fighters.

The executions were ordered by Isis local commander Abu Anas Al-Libi in the city of Fallujah. This year in September, reports claimed that an Iraqi woman killed Abu Anas, after the Isis commander tried to force her into marrying another Isis fighter.

The woman was pushed into sexual slavery by Abu Anas, and unable to stand the humiliation of another "coerced" marriage, the woman decided to kill the Isis leader, it was reported.