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In an attempt to wind up the 23-day-long strike over overpaid salaries, management of Kingfisher Airlines on Monday held a meeting with over 4000 employees left divided over a bid put forth by the officials.

According to reports, the management had promised the employees payments of three month's salary ahead of Diwali in instalments. In addition they have also announced that salaries will be regularized from December onwards.

While a section of the staff, chiefly the pilots are in favour of the offer referring  it as "fair",  another segment including the engineers are firm on the stand that payment of at least four month's salaries should be given straight away. Both the sections are reported to be riding on conflicting views.

"We have talked about there being three salaries to be paid before Diwali. We will know the logistics, but the intention is everyone should be back at work in a day or two." NDTV quoted him," CEO of Kingfisher Airline Sanjay Agarwal said, according to NDTV.

"We expect employees will be at work by October 26," he added.

The Kingfisher management has leased time until Oct 26 for the staff to unanimously arrive at a decision.

Meanwhile, Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh, who refused to comment much on the Kingfisher crisis, said that it was unrealistic to expect the airline to fly again.

"It is a private company, doesn't come under any ministry. Yes they have a problem, but the government cannot interfere. The Kingfisher problem is very big. They have to give a very sound plan to the government that they can pay taxes and their dues," IBN Live quoted him as saying.