PM Narendra Modi has stayed in the most secure and nearly indestructible hotel in the world during his visit to Israel-- the iconic King David Hotel in Jerusalem, which is known for its high-level security.

Check out some crazy facts about the King David Hotels' security.

Modi Israel
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) welcomes Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during an official welcoming ceremony upon his arrival in Israel at Ben Gurion Airport, near Tel Aviv, Israel July 4, 2017.Reuters

Bulletproof windows

The top suites in the King David Hotel are resistant to bullets, bombs and poison gas. The hotel, which has a historical significance, has windows in its top suites with bullet proof and rocket-proof glass. The air conditioning systems are gas-proof in case of an attack.

"His suite is secured against bomb attacks, chemical attacks, everything," Sheldon Ritz, director of operations in King David Hotel, told The Times of India.

The King David Hotel
An aerial view shows West Jerusalem with the YMCA clocktower (L), King David Hotel (C), the French Consulate (R) and the Hilton (top R) on January 11, 2010.MARINA PASSOS/AFP/Getty Images

Guest to remain untouched even if there is a bomb attack

Even if the whole hotel blows up, the suite will remain in one piece. There might be a few broken pieces, but nothing will happen to Modi.

"If the entire hotel is bombed, PM's suite will be untouched, will come down in a pod," Ritz, who is in charge of the security, said.

The King David Hotel
A general view of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem on March 19, 2013.AHMAD GHARABLI/AFP/Getty Images

Private elevator

The hotel, which has hosted several royals, presidents and A-list guests, has a private elevator that gives access to the roof of the hotel or the parking lot if the important guest is in danger.

The King David Hotel
FILE PHOTO: The King David Hotel in Jerusalem shortly before it was bombed by the Zionist military group Irgun on July 22, 1946.Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Secret of King David Hotel's high security

Ritz revealed that the King David hotel is owned by Israel's luxury Dan hotels, and one of the owners is Michael Federmann. The Israeli businessman owns Ebit Systems – International Defense Electronics Company, a drone and avionics manufacturing company. "We are the best," he said.

The King David Hote
26th July 1946: The scene at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, which was the British headquarters in Palestine, after it was wrecked by a bomb planted by Zionist military group Irgun.Fox Photos/Getty Images

King David Hotel survived a Jewish nationalist bombing in 1946

In 1946, when the King David Hotel served as the nerve centre of the British Mandatory administration, Zionist militants detonated a powerful bomb in the hotel. On July 22, 1946, the militants attacked the hotel that killed 91 people and injured more than 45 others.