The world is in a weird place right now. People are hoarding toilet papers, celebrities have turned singers, and the latest social media challenge is to wash your hands.

But just when you thought things could not have taken a more unexpected turn, the Kardarshian Jenner clan decided to drop a new trailer of their reality show, 'Keeping up with the Kardashians'.

Although there's rarely ever an episode of the show that does not make it to the top news, the new trailer is particularly unique with the drama between the sisters taking a violent turn.

Kim Kardashian West can be seen punching, kicking, and slapping her sister, Kourtney Kardashian in the new teaser.

There seems to be a verbal spat between the sisters, but things quickly escalate into a physical brawl.

The new season 18 of the show premiers this Thursday and will offer a glimpse into the sister's troubled relationship.

The trailer shows Kourtney yelling at Kim. Kourtney throws a drink at Kim and says, "I will f— you up, you literal c—"

Their sister, Khloé Kardashian who is also present at the scene, tries to break the fight but the three women just end up getting stuck in a corner. Kim can be seen kicking and punching Kourt, before the eldest Kardashian finally slaps Kim on her face.

Kim Kardashian West then asks Kourtney to "Just get the f— out of here." She also adds, "I don't even wanna see your f—ing face."

To which Kourtney responds,"I don't want to be near your fat a—!"

The trailer ends with Khloé, in her Kris Jenner costume. She's leaves fans hanging and says, "Oh, you wanna know what happens next? Well honey, you gotta stay tuned."

This season is definitely going to be a blazing one with the Kardashian sisters in a never seen before element. Stay tuned for Thursday!