South Korean actor Kim Hyun Joong's father has demanded for a paternity test of Ms. Choi's new born baby as he suspects that the former lover of his son is cheating him.

The ex-girlfriend of Korean entertainer gave birth to her first child early this month and the news was kept under wraps until Thursday, 10 September. When enquired about the reason for hiding the delivery news from public, Choi's legal representative Sun Jong Moon revealed that the increasing public interest and pressure from the media forced them to keep it a secret.

"She gave birth last week. With reporters even coming to the hospital asking for interviews and due to the excessive public interest, we couldn't reveal the news of the birth before," Allkpop quoted him as saying.

The defence attorney of Choi even stated that they are preparing a paternity suit against the actor since he refused to give permission for a paternity test.

However, Joong's father denied the allegation put forward by Choi's lawyer and stated that they were not informed about the baby's birth and came to know about it through media. "We never even [directly] heard news of the birth so what do they mean they're going to sue for refusing the paternity test? Shouldn't Choi's side ask us first whether we want to do a paternity test or not?" he urged.

According to him, they are ready for a paternity test and if the results are positive then they will take care of the baby. "With the legal battle, we will continue to forge on without backing down. If born in a different household, the baby may have been blessed. I just hope that the baby won't be hurt any more by either side," he added.

Meanwhile, a representative of Joong from KeyEast revealed that the actor is currently busy with his training in military service and it is difficult for them to contact him to find out if he is aware of the child.

"As it has been established before, after the paternity test is complete, Kim Hyung Joong will take responsibility if the child is his. The stance hasn't changed. The lawsuit between Ms. Choi and Kim Hyun Joong will continue as planned regardless of the birth," Soompi quoted the representative as saying.