The legal dispute between Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend Ms Choi took a new turn after the actor's lawyer released a statement against his rival attorney.

The statement of defence attorney Lee Jae Man came in response to a lawsuit filed against him by lawyer Sun Jong Moon last week. The lawsuit had claimed that the legal representative of the South Korean actor shook public sentiments to view his client as "blackmailer" and "gold-digger".

Although Choi's side dropped all the charges against Hyun Joong's legal representatives, Jae Man accused his rival attorney of hiding the truth. "If you denounce the other party's legal representative, then you will receive disciplinary action from the lawyers' association," he said.

The legal representative of the South Korean actor even stated that Jong Moon "is losing sight of the core problem" and trying to deal with the issue through risk management.

"The way they are dealing with the issue is what you'd call 'risk management' and how they are dissembling the true issue at hand is manipulation of the media," AllKpop quoted the attorney.

However, Choi's attorney had earlier stated that they are retracting the lawsuit against Jae Man, mainly because it is becoming a fight between the lawyers rather than their clients.

"We decided that filing a lawsuit against Kim Hyun Joong's lawyer is not a part of our core intention, so we will be retracting our lawsuit against lawyer Lee Jae Man. And from now on, we will not be participating in any unnecessary fights," stated Jong Moon.

The defence attorney had also requested the celeb's lawyer to refrain from holding any "unnecessary interviews with the media". So, it remains to be seen how Ms Choi and his representative will respond to the new statement of Hyun Joong's lawyer.

The legal dispute between the actor and his former lover began in May 2014 after she filed an assault case against him.