5-year-old shares his experience of having three girlfriends
5-year-old shares his experience of having three girlfriendsYouTube Screenshot

Handling three girlfriends is difficult not only for adults but also for children. A video of five-year-old child talking about dealing with three girlfriends has gone viral on YouTube.

The 36-second video titled "Kid Predicaments" features an unnamed child who is talking to a woman about the problems he faced while dating three girls.

During the conversation with off-camera voice, which is believed to be his mother's voice, the child says he can't handle three girlfriends so he is breaking up with one of them.

The video which was uploaded on YouTube on 23 May has been viewed by more than 3,427,688 times at the time of reporting.

Below is the transcript of the conversation between the boy and the woman.

"You can't have three girlfriends?" the woman asks the boy in the video.

"No, I, I, I could have two, that's great. I don't want three," the boy replies.

"Does it stress you out having that many girlfriends?" the woman asks.

"Yeah, That's why I ... have to give one up," the boy said.

"Oh no, how would you decide whom to give up," the woman asks.

"I don't know," he said. "It's like they're all pretty. I have to give one up."

"It's rough being 5, isn't it?' the woman asks.

The boy nods and says "I wish I was 4 again."

Watch the "Kid Predicaments" video below

Earlier in March, a three-year-old Matthew Beltran became an Internet sensation after a video of him arguing with his mother Linda over cupcakes had gone viral.

In the video, Beltran or Mateo is seen debating with his mother with valid points for having cupcakes for dinner.

"Linda listen to me, listen to me dude..." Mateo says in the video. He calls his mother by her first name Linda in the video. "Linda listen, listen, listen Linda," he tries to keep the debate on.

The video attracted millions of views on YouTube after it went viral on social networking sites. Later, Mateo and his mother Linda were invited to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he finally got a lot of cupcakes.

Watch the video below of Mateo arguing with Linda to get cupcake for dinner.