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Salman Khan's "Kick" has shattered "Chennai Express" domestic box office collection record, but when it comes to the worldwide revenue Shah Rukh Khan's film is way ahead of it.

Salman has a huge fan-following in India and hence he managed to enter the 100 crore club for the seventh consecutive time with "Kick", but when it comes to international market its Shah Rukh who rules it.

The Salman starrer managed to beat "Chennai Express" lifetime revenue by earning ₹3 crore more than SRK's film. However, internationally "Kick" is way behind "Chennai Express", thus affecting its worldwide income.

"Kick", which released on 25 July, made a business of around ₹298.27 crore worldwide till fourth weekend, with ₹230.69 crore from India and ₹67.58 crore ($11,128,768) abroad.

Meanwhile, "Chennai Express" in its lifetime run had earned ₹348 crore worldwide – ₹227 crore from India and ₹121 crore ($20, 000,000) from international box office.

However, after calculating the gross worldwide income of both the films, the Shah Rukh starrer remains on top. The gross total of "Chennai Express" is over ₹422 crore, while "Kick" has earned approximately ₹375 crore, according to

Movie Net Domestic Collection in ₹  Crore Gross Domestic Collection in ₹  Crore Collection in USD Worldwide Collection in ₹  Crore
Chennai Express ₹227 ₹302 $20, 000,000 ₹423
Kick ₹230.69 ₹307 $ 11,128,768 ₹375

Since, "Kick" has almost wrapped up its box office run worldwide, it will be unlikely for the film to beat the worldwide collections of "Chennai Express".

Meanwhile, Aamir Khan's "Dhoom 3" is at top position in India, overseas and gross worldwide chart list. The domestic income of "Dhoom 3" is ₹284 crore and overseas is ₹170 crore with a gross worldwide total of ₹542 crore.